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Spoiled / stinking food supplied in train

Sachin Raj on 27 June 2016

At kanpur station, my train 5528 anvt - jaynagar suvidha express stopped at 1.20pm around at kanpur station today 16). The person named dinesh k...[Read full complaint]

Railway parcel regarding

Suryaprakash Kushwaha on 26 June 2016

सर, मैंने 15-05-2016 को चण्डीगढ़ से सिवान ले जाने के लिए बेड बुक किया था जिसका रसीद संख्या 8330 है जो अभी तक नहीं पहुंच पाया है। मैं पहले भी कम्पलेन कर चुका हूं लेकिन कोई...[Read full complaint]

Suspension of IRCTC account

Ajay Purohit on 24 June 2016

My IRCTC account has been suspended, without there been any wrong activity in the account. This is harassment to the customer . Writing mails to IRCTC getting no result. Plz get my account reactiv...[Read full complaint]

Software uses in entry / exit token machine

Prasanta on 23 June 2016

software uses in entry / exit token machine Today,23-06-2016, I entered in Tollygunge metro station,Kolkata around 9.13 am and as I entered I saw that metro station is flooded with people because ...[Read full complaint]

Bike parcel didn't reached yet destination station

P Radha Cnu on 21 June 2016

I had booked my bike 12th June 2016 by indian railway parcel service from VSKP to SKZR. But not reached the motor cycle in destination station PRR no:4000378643 Byke registration no :

[Read full complaint]

No elecric in marudhar exp train no 14863

Anand Kumar Tiwari on 18 June 2016

no elecric in marudhar exp train no 4863 fm varanasi to jodhpur fn 09 am to till now ... Sir please take necessary action above the complain

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Misuse of railway act 147

Kaustabh Chakraborty on 17 June 2016

Dear sir, i have been charged falsely for trepassing in dumdum railway station and was fined rs 350 without any money receipt,kindly guide me how i can get my money back with regards kaustabh chak...[Read full complaint]

Parking at NDLS

Vikramajeet Singh on 16 June 2016

Today I parked my car at NDLS railway parking(near paltform-1), and while taking the car out from parking, it took mire than 30 mins as almost all the area was covered with cars without leaving a ...[Read full complaint]

Refund of cancelled railway Ticket through TDR

Vinay Kanaujiya on 13 June 2016

I have Booked ticket having PNR No: 1240 (SL class) & 0520 (2S class) for train no 1072 Journey dated 13 May-2016. Tra...[Read full complaint]

After 10 Month, No Refund on TDR from Indian Railway

Arun Sharma on 13 June 2016

Hi Support Team, I have filed TDR on 08, Nov 2015 for refund, but it has been more than 10 month and i have not received refund in my bank account. Here is detailed information of the issue. Refun...[Read full complaint]

Its on moral behaviours of immoral passengers!

Mm Gupta on 12 June 2016

On 12th june 2016 on a dumdum bound metro traim that left m u k metro stn at 8-43 an immoral act was going on between a pair of immoral young ones without bothering about...[Read full complaint]

Cooler not deliver by railways parcel department

Suraj Kumar on 10 June 2016

Sir, 01 no cooler booked from Visakhapatnam to Jamalpur on /16. My PPR no -2002311645.and pw bill no -0428267.booked on 23/04/2016 vskp to jmp .and item loaded in train n...[Read full complaint]

Not displaying position of C 1 coach at plateform

A.k.bajpai on 09 June 2016

I have booked two ac chair car ticket for journey on 6.16 in train no 2459 at Rajpura and reached before time but coach position was not display...[Read full complaint]

Error while filing TDR

Kailash Pati Suman on 09 June 2016

Dear Team, I was trying to cancel the ticket since yesterday by 3.20 as the ticket status was RAC till that time. The error sms occured stating, file TDR for the same. When i started filing TDR, t...[Read full complaint]

Refund amount not recieved

Shweta Rai on 09 June 2016

i have cancelled my tickets by using official site of IRCTC on 08/06/2016.But i have not got my refund amount back.

[Read full complaint]

Seat not confirmed before 120 Days

Sanjit Sahu on 09 June 2016

Respected sir, I am Sanjit Sahu. A booked a reservation ticket on 09/06/16 at 08.07AM which is 120 days scheduled. I have booked my ticket from NDLS to DGR and I have got waiting list i.e RQWL/7, ...[Read full complaint]

Deficiency in prescribed food items

Vijay Jha on 07 June 2016

Today in rajdhani 2432 only rasham was served in place of soup to all 930 passenger Not given 1 bread stick qty 02 2 butter qube 01 3 Peper and salt 01 each 4 tissue pape...[Read full complaint]

Railway Food Complaint

Sharan Singh on 07 June 2016

We are travelling from Delhi to Chandigarh Train No. 2045 coach c5, seat 10 to 15. First they serviced soup which like boild water and later when they served food it was ...[Read full complaint]

Lost mobile phone from a c wating room at varodra junction

Mayanktaunk on 07 June 2016

I was Travling From Ganj Basoda To Valsad On 2016 by Jabalpur somnath express coache no S-3 23. and reach at Vadodara Juction on 2016 at Morning...[Read full complaint]

Didn't get refund against Waiting ticket

Vikas Mishra on 01 June 2016

Dear Sir / Madam, I booked 5 Nos. 3 tier AC tickets vide PNR 8498 from Surat to Muzaffarpur journey date was 016. Out of 5 tickets 1 got RAC and...[Read full complaint]

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