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Passport Office complaints

Passport status not changed

Jatinder Singh on 26 November 2015

Respected sir madam . I have cleared my police verification .but passport status is not change. Pls team send my passport with in 3_4 days. I have a receipt passport verification slip . I want go ...[Read full complaint]

Passport pending for police verification

Chandamita Chaudhury on 26 November 2015

Dear Sir i am CHANDAMITA CHAUDHURY i have applied for fresh passport application date 23/09/2015 FILE NO: GU1069206226615 D.O.B: 7/12/1992 but police verification is not done. my passport status :...[Read full complaint]

Passport irregularities

Md Shamsher on 25 November 2015

Hi Sir Good morning I would like to inform you that I have enrolled passport application on dated 17 Sep 015. And all respective verification done successfully. But still...[Read full complaint]

Passport not come

Sagar Sharma on 25 November 2015

Dear sir/mam, I've cleared the police verification for passport since last 1 or a half month and status shows that police verification yet to be cleared.its too much time for me so plzzz send my p...[Read full complaint]

Complaint against andheri passport office for mis leading

Mitesh Nandu on 24 November 2015

Dear All, My name is Mitesh Kanaiyalal Nandu. My sister recently applied for reissue of her passport for change in SURNAME & GIVEN NAME since she got married. ( FORAM RAJESH GADA ) When she applie...[Read full complaint]

Still no passport

Shabbir Bashir Hurzuk on 21 November 2015

Police verification is done but we have no passport why ?

[Read full complaint]

Police verification cleared for passport since 1 month still status not

Naran Vejani on 20 November 2015

Dear sir/mam, I've cleared the police verification for passport since last 1 month and status shows that police verification yet to be cleared. I need to go poland for my internship in next 10 day...[Read full complaint]

Not update regarding passport

Nilesh Sathe on 19 November 2015

My file numberTH2069216586415 Submission date 28/09/2015 I have applied for passport on 28/09/2015 and completed my police verification on 6/11/2015 and they have send my police report on 7/11/201...[Read full complaint]

Passport printed/dispatched but not received

Rupa Kumari on 17 November 2015

I had received mail for passport printing and dispatch 15 days before But I had still not received it Same day the other passport dispatched to the same address delivered .

[Read full complaint]

I want my passport, it's medical emergency

Pratibha Vunayakrao Chavan. on 12 November 2015

Hello , What happened my mom passport, how many time u want to make your process complete, I have visit appointment on last month @ Nagpure date on 015. I pay your fees &...[Read full complaint]

Emmigration check required in passport

Mohammad Aaquib on 11 November 2015

Sir ,I request you Sir mere passport me emigration check required dikha raha hai. Isi wajah se ham Lucknow office bhi bheja gaya waha gaya to Officer she mile to unhone hame share document diikhay...[Read full complaint]

Documents Submitted for passport Reissue but No PVR is done

Intzar Ahmed on 11 November 2015

I have Submitted all my Documents In Passport office having the file No.GZ1079239247615 on 15-Oct-2015 but till now no PVR is initiated and no update is about my Passport Reissue. Please Help me i...[Read full complaint]

Passport office for pcc

Ashish Braj Kishore Sharma on 10 November 2015

HELLO SIR, My name is Ashish Braj Kishore Sharma and i had applied for a Pcc whose file no. GU1086386154015 . And my police verification has been done before 2 months from dimapur still my pcc is ...[Read full complaint]

Delay passport

Abir Sameee Shaikh on 09 November 2015

I have applied for passport reissue with name change on 20 oct 2015 and my police verification was done on 6th nov.From last 10 days my passport status isshowing as police report has been sent to ...[Read full complaint]

Passport not received

Sachin Jain on 09 November 2015

HELLO SIR, My name is SACHIN JAIN and i had applied for a passport whose file no. Is BP1068344104814 . And my police verification has been done before 3 months and I have receive a message for sub...[Read full complaint]

Passport police verification not done

Vinod Yadav on 07 November 2015

File no. DL 9415 MY STATUS police verification pending

[Read full complaint]

Non cooperative & unjustified behaviour at passport office

Deepak Goel on 06 November 2015

Before going to PSK on 6th November 2019 I verified with call centre the documents needed. Suddenly after three hours they want Marriage Affidavit which my wife submitted in original with her file...[Read full complaint]

About ECNR passport

Naeemabdulmajid Jarrah on 03 November 2015

Naeem Abdul Majid Jarrah Address : 758, Saiyedpura, Toorawa Street, Nr. Khub sahib Masjid, surat – 003. Contact No. 2278[Read full complaint]

Passport police verification

Prabir Kumar Maitra on 29 October 2015

I applied for the passport and was given assurance that police verification will be completed within 3 weeks. I was not told that if not done within the time what I have to do. I am having pan car...[Read full complaint]

Passport delay

Divy Patel on 28 October 2015

my passport application number AH1078986178615 is still under pending after successful two police verification. i applied for it before. 3 months.

[Read full complaint]
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