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LPG/PNG Supply complaints

गैस सिलेंडर बिना बुक करवाये ही स्वतः बुक और डिलिवेरेड भी होने का मेसेज आगया जबकि मिला ही नहीं

Krishnnarayan Sharma on 20 September 2016

गैस अकाउंट न 5872 भारत गैस गुरुनानक तालेड़ा बूंदी 15 सितम्बर 16 को बिना बुक करवाएं गैस बुक का मेसेज आया 18 सितम्बर 16 को बिना मिले ही डिलीवरी भी बता दी और 20 सितेम्बर को सब्सिडी भी खाते में आगयी ।ज...[Read full complaint]

IOCL related issue

Pranjali Roy on 20 September 2016

dear sir, With due respect I like to say that I,Smt Pranjali roy is subscriber of indane at halisahar. My consumer no is 751. I could not book online through the mylpg si...[Read full complaint]

Not getting subsidy in my account

Renu Kumar on 20 September 2016

Last year till November i wa getting my subsidy amount in my state bank of patiala account, from December onwards i didnot got my subsidy amount in my account i enquire i found tht subsidy is goin...[Read full complaint]

Unavailability of Dealer in HP data base

Vipul Singh on 19 September 2016

Sir, I bought a new connection from KIRTI GAS SERVICES, SAURASHTRA VISHWAKARMA SOCIETY, NEAR JIVRAJ BUS STOP, VEJALPUR ROAD, AHMEDABAD - 051. But when i am going to regis...[Read full complaint]

Indane Automatic refill book gets cancelled everytime for no reason

Ranganathan Srinivssan on 15 September 2016

Every time I book refill through indane Automatic refill booking service it accepts my booking and generated rrf number fir booking. After few days I am getting a message(sms) stating booking canc...[Read full complaint]

Gas cylinder Delay Delivery

Sekhar K on 11 September 2016

My Consumer number 951, Name sudhansu sekhar khandai. Contact.8431035148 Distributor Rashmi Gas agency, K R puram.Distributor code:147522 I booked for refilling cylinder ...[Read full complaint]

Bharat Gas Delivery

Shivaji Watekar on 09 September 2016

I have purchased new gas connection from bharat gas in 014. From last four months whenever i booked the gas they did not deliver me cylinder. I went there office and requ...[Read full complaint]

No MGL connection since April 2016.

Rajendra Tandon on 08 September 2016

I had booked MGL piped gas connection on 19 April 2016 and paid on same date and till date connection has not been provided. At the time of booking I was told that connection will be given in 90 w...[Read full complaint]

No HP gas supply at home

Prasad M on 08 September 2016

I am Prasad M, customer of HP more than 4 yrs, Cosumer No : 665, 4 years HP agency supplied GAS cylinder with me good way that the Cylinder delivered in my house, now the...[Read full complaint]

Deactivate my give up subsidy

Pramod Verma on 08 September 2016

I am Pramod Kumar Verma a consumer of Indane Oil Gas. By mistake I am wrongly clicked opt out of subsidy .I am not getting any subsidy then. I kindly request you to deactivate opt out of subsidy. ...[Read full complaint]

I got delivery message not cyliner

Bheem Pandey on 08 September 2016

I booked my gas cylinder on 28 August and received the massage of delivery an 30 august..... But after 8day ....refuel still not delivered to me......this all happening with the including of Annap...[Read full complaint]

Delay in gas service

Nazma Ajaz Khwaja on 07 September 2016

I had booked my refill on 9.16 but still not received. Despite of receiving my cash memo. Pls do something so we receive our refill on time. Otherwise we will be compelle...[Read full complaint]

Gas didn't received

Manjunath Kulkarni on 07 September 2016

Gas didn't received at and got sms saying gas delivered,if not complain... so complaining here

[Read full complaint]

New connection delivery

Amol on 07 September 2016

Inot getting proper response from dealers... I got msg from BG as booking is confirmed.. But dealer said booking registration is in process... Employees having time to play games on phone but not ...[Read full complaint]

Gas chuhla service

Ashokkumar Saran on 06 September 2016

गैगैगैस चूल्हा का बिल नहीं दिया गया है और वह धमकी भी दे रहा है कि बिबिल नहीं दूंगा जो करना है वो कर लेना, गैस चूल्हे में आग लग गई है ावापस देने के लिए गए तब वोदे गालियाँ देने लगा

[Read full complaint]

To find gas Distributor

Naimullahkhanahmedkhan Khan on 05 September 2016

I lost my book from transfer ,to other city. and than Distributor of Gas Service is Changed , please Where is my Connection service

[Read full complaint]

Delivery of leakage cylinder with mutilated seal

Biswa Bhusan Karan on 05 September 2016

I have taken a lpg connection of 2( two) cylinder on 23 2016 vide consumer no.607030.Unfortunately the delivery boy has delivered one cylinder out of two which was seal o...[Read full complaint]

LPG Delivery is not on time

Rajaram Alaverajaram on 04 September 2016

refilled LPG CYLINDER booked on 016. Booking number is 9165 .till we have not received. It is happening regularly.please look I the same.

[Read full complaint]

Compliant - H P Gas Online Booking along with Online Payment Process Completed

Sanjay Bhandarkar on 03 September 2016

Compliant - H P Gas Online Booking along with Online Payment Process Completed 29 July 2016 Till Date Not Been Delivered On Line amount Paid H P Gas Cylinder Eight Times Visited H P Gas agencies D...[Read full complaint]

No cylinder delivered

Rahul Shekhawat on 03 September 2016

Wait cylder are not deliver the cylinder if booking are 31 august

[Read full complaint]
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