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Bad quality of amul milk supplied

Ritesh Ranjan on 16 July 2015

I purchased 1 litre of amul toned milk in half litre 2 pouch on 15/07/15 from my supplier and kept it in fridge. When I hot the milk I found a very bad smell & when I tasted it, very bad taste. I ...[Read full complaint]

Mc Donalds Vat and service tax evasion

Roshan Varma on 13 July 2015

DESCRIPTION: i went to mc donalds on 12/07/2015 and was billed for an amount of rs.606 i found the totalling was not correct and asked the personnel to clarify. on further enquiry, i found that th...[Read full complaint]

Dairy milk chocolate with white fungus inside

Prerna Bhargava on 13 July 2015

When i have opened dairy milk it was having white fungus on it

[Read full complaint]

Waste found inside Haldiram packet attached to the packet inside

Smarika Dalal on 12 July 2015

Already mentioned in the heading. By the way , it is not about twenty bucks but about the health and safety after consuming your product. You have lost a customer here. And, I don't know if it wil...[Read full complaint]

Stale Britannia BourBon buiscuit

Kishor on 09 July 2015

Bought Brittania new & chocolatier BourBon packet and found the sealed biscuits were stale. Complained twice to customer support but of no use. I am shocked that such well known brand can behave u...[Read full complaint]

Selling of mother dairy products more than MRP

Nishant Tripathi on 08 July 2015

This is regarding the mother dairy shop at noida sector 23 U.P. I want to say that the above mother dairy shop is handled by a person who is a little rud and also charges more than the MRP. The in...[Read full complaint]

Found fly in my Food

Advanilkumar Marlecha on 08 July 2015

Date as on 05/07/2015 sunday around 2pm was at Ramdev Hotel with friends while having our food I ordered fruit Salad with Ice-cream where i found FLY in my food, On making a complaint the Person s...[Read full complaint]

Fungus infected amul shrikhand

Noorul Hassan on 08 July 2015

I had bought amul shrikhand on 21 May 2015 opened the packet at my home on 13th june I found fungus growth on the layer of amul shrikhand. The amul shrikhand elaichi flavour of 0.5 kg has mfg date...[Read full complaint]

Cadbury India Dirty Smell and small holes as worm eaten

Shashikanth Ineni on 07 July 2015

Cadbury India Dear Sir/mam, I brought 2nos cadbury dairy milk silk for my wife from a shop in Himayatnagar A---------A shop . She has eaten half of the Cadbury silk and said the taste was very bad...[Read full complaint]

For Milk Testing

Pravinsinh Sodha on 06 July 2015

i sell in milk of banas dairy but his not given a Fat.. i sell pure milk but milk tester not answer ®ister my complain ...so who use action ???? Please A.N.S me... 5277[Read full complaint]

Defect in mountain dew glass bottle

Krishna Chandhok on 05 July 2015

I had purchased 2 Mountain dew glass bottles on the month of april 2015 .one of the sealed pack bottle is containing an oil pouch, as it is harmul for human consumption,strict action must be taken...[Read full complaint]

Mother's dairy token milk not okay

Shammi on 05 July 2015

We bought token milk from booth no 329 and the owner rohtash was very rude and misbehaved and said complain against us nobody will take action we brought the milk home boiled it ; it turned into c...[Read full complaint]

Token milk is not of good quality and it mixed with water

Ankit Kumar on 04 July 2015

I have purchased 8 ltr token milk from booth no 634 janakpuri ...on date 4/7/15 but it is very bad quality it is mixed with water. the booth concessier represtative is also misbehave with me. this...[Read full complaint]

Excess Charge In Each Sanchi Milk Packet

Saurabh Mishra on 04 July 2015

Sanchi Milk parlor in P.T.S Chowk Rewa is charging Rs 2 more than the MRP from the Customers in last 2 months. Sachi Red milk pouch Rs.18 but the broker are sale ₹20. As I had protested he had not...[Read full complaint]

Overcharging on Aarey milk products

Rahul Agrahari on 03 July 2015

Hello Sir, I purchase 2 litre aarey milk on daily basis from aarey milk centre. Four packet of half litre (MRP-16.50) which cost total of Rupees 6.00 but he takes Rupees ...[Read full complaint]

Smell in milk

Shanty Chanjotra on 01 July 2015

Dirty smell in the milk each packet open ... and waste...yellow pkt it is second chance to me...pls chek it properly when pakcaging....

[Read full complaint]

Bad quality cadbury dairy milk

Navneet Kumar on 29 June 2015

I puchased cadbury dairy milk, it was packed in mar 015, Shocked to notice that Chocolates was spoilt and its in form of powder, taste also bitter, i complain to shopkeep...[Read full complaint]

Mountain Dew contain waste material

Mohd Zaheer on 28 June 2015

200 ml of mountain dew cold drink bottle contains some unwanted material which can dangerous for human health.now what should i do? Complaint to consumer forum or food security department?

[Read full complaint]

Found insects in a bottle of the mountain dew

Surendra Kumar Chaudhary on 21 June 2015

I will be complaint in customer forum because I have a sealed bottle whose deffeçted

[Read full complaint]

Amul gold milk expiry date and seller selling

Abhishek Mehta on 20 June 2015

Dear sir my name is abhishek mehta and i m leaving in bhinmal 3029 dist jalore rajasthan. My complaint to amul gold milk seller. They are selling expiry date milk in sabj...[Read full complaint]

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