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Parle Magix biscuit found with fungus

T. Sathish Kumar on 18 December 2015

Dear sir/madam, Yesterday 15), i bought the Parele magix biscuit in our area ( Guduvancheri - Kanchipuram district - Tamilnadu), for my son school snacks, while opened we...[Read full complaint]

Fount hair in britannia oats biscuit

Mukul Dev on 14 December 2015

I purchased britania oats biscuit 150 gm priced 55. Was surprised to find human hair in the biscuit when we served biscuit to our guest in front of whom we felt bad then

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Selling in Rs. 23 instead of MRP Rs.22 for Gold milk

Prakash Malviya on 14 December 2015

Sanchi booth situated at Bijali Nagar Bicholi road near bangali square Indore is continously selling Sanchi Gold for Rs. 23 per pkt instead of the MRP is Rs.22 he is telling that Sanchi Dudh Sangh...[Read full complaint]

Free gift is just eye wash for sunfeast yipee noodles

Baishali Roy on 11 December 2015

yipee noodles from ITC, Sunfeast , batch no AQ05 , packed date 31/10/2015,net wt. 35g, pack available in market . The pack shows free magic tatoo inside but the pack of this YiPpee does not contai...[Read full complaint]

For the milk packing date

Baishali Roy on 11 December 2015

On the morning ,dated 015, when I was purchased 1 litre toned milk from medha milk distributor . After returned from market ,first my eyes gone in the packet than found t...[Read full complaint]

Before expired date cadbury having bad quality

Bhumika Sharma on 09 December 2015

I puchased cadbury dairy milk, it was packed in june 015, Shocked to notice that Chocolates was spoilt and its in form of powder, taste also bitter, i complain to shopkee...[Read full complaint]

Milk price taken high

Gautambhai Kalabhai Khandekha on 06 December 2015

Dear Glade to inform in Dist morvi city wankaner Markitchowk wankaner mainbazar in khodiayar pan owner Name jethalal opp samir provison store khodiyal pan center his tekan milk price tek 26 rupice...[Read full complaint]

Tetra packed milk turned out to be curd

Sheetal on 01 December 2015

We usually purchase a box of tetra pack milk ( blue20 packs) every month, since I came to Banglore from last 5years. When I was pouring the milk I became a suspicious and realized that milk has tu...[Read full complaint]

Sediments in Wibs bread

Dev Taneja on 30 November 2015

Sediments found in Wibs bread purchased today (Printed Use by 2nd December 015) vide Lot no. B02. We are shocked and unable to understand what to do of this. Is this all ...[Read full complaint]

ब्रिटेनिया कम्पनी के गुड्डे बिस्किट में निकली जीबित ईल्लीया

Lokendrasingh Bagdi on 27 November 2015

आरोन निबासी लोकेन्द्रसिंह बागडी द्वारा ब्रिटेनिया कम्पनी के गुड्डे बिस्किट के दो पैकिट लिये जिनकी मैनीफेक्चर दिनाक 18/06/2015 (6 माह बैधता) लिये जिनमें से एक पैकिट को जब उपभेक्ता ने खोला तो पैकिट ...[Read full complaint]

Priya gold apple juice with fungus

Ashi Kaur on 25 November 2015

Fungus found in Fresh juice apple juice packed on 4/4/2015 batch no-03 10:05

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Service tax collected incorrectly

Kanaka Rao Pyla on 22 November 2015

Service tax collected incorrectly Food restaurant collected incorrect Service tax. We went to Restaurant (Jubilant Food works Ltd) on Saturday 21-Nov-2015 to have Lunch. 1. They collected Service ...[Read full complaint]

Glass pieces found in Cadbury Celebrations Rich Dry Fruit Collection

Ashish Bali on 16 November 2015

Hi, Would like to bring to your notice the presence of glass pieces in the chocolate. My fiancé was luckily saved as we noticed it in time. she was about to consume the diwali gift but fortunat [Read full complaint]

Amul cow ghee bad quality

Hemant Rathi on 16 November 2015

I bought 2 pcs Amul cow ghee 1ltr tin from Big Bazaar. When opened at home found the at bottom of tin ghee was hard like Vanaspati and also little brownish colour ghee, Not sure is it ghee or anyt...[Read full complaint]

Insects inside the dairy milk

Chandni Negi on 14 November 2015

last night only i got this cadbury dairy milk gifting bar as a gift for my brother but when he opened the pack in the morning it had like wings n parts of insect stuck to the chocolate.

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Amul product srikhand is outdated

Zeel Patel on 13 November 2015

I purchased srikhand at amul stall on 12th november 2015 but after reaching home when i break the seal over the top of the srikhand i found that it is so liquid that it must be worsen but then i e...[Read full complaint]

Plastic pieces found in haldirams prabhuji besan laddu

Moon M on 06 November 2015

Purchased a packet of. Haldiram's prabhuji besan laddu on 6th nov 015, sweet packed on sept 15, batch no I/25. While consuming the laddus, i felt hard objects in my mouth...[Read full complaint]

Dairy Milk chocolate having fungus

Vinayak Srivastava on 03 November 2015

Today is 3 nov 13 , one of my colleagues gave us the dairy milk but when we have opened the wraper it contain fungus in it .

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Found some Junk material in Pepsi sealed bottle

Bhagirath Prasad on 02 November 2015

Today i have bought one 750 ml pepsi bottle and and found so much junk material lying in the bottle,

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With out Any Reason Prices Of Eatables Risen By The Bakery Owners Union.

Raja Ram on 01 November 2015

All This Bakery Owner has rise their bakery product (i.e. Pizza Bread) rate without any reasons. Row material cost of making pizza bread is remain same and transportation cost i.e. fuel cost will ...[Read full complaint]

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