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Aarey centres selling all other products

Stanley Rodrigues on 07 March 2016

aarey centre 87 sells mobile phone accesoriesm tklephone booth , franky and dabheli and other milk products of sk dudhalay all centres of aarey sarita don't sell masala milk of aarey due to less c...[Read full complaint]

Found Earth worn inside dairy milk

Tushar Savaliya on 05 March 2016

i found earth worm inside dairy milk chocolate. It was inside the package. i had purchased full box of dairy milk chocolate . i threw away the whole box.

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Amul milk taste complaint

Suryeshi Rao on 05 March 2016

today i purchased amul milk n feel that was not pure.

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Dairy milk silk in powder form

Prakash Ranjan on 24 February 2016

i purshase the silk for my friend in its birth day but when she open the wrapper it was powder form.

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Cadbury Dairy milk White fungus and dirty oily and odour

Kunal Desai on 11 February 2016

I purchased Dairy Milk Silk Chocolate when I open the Chocolate I found white Fungus and dirty odour. Date of purchase-10-02-16, Date of pkd-07-15 Product code-I50724 Price of product-150

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Fake amul ghee

Mahendra Singh on 10 February 2016

I baught 1ltr of amul ghee from reliance store which is made up chemicals. It has solid material in it which seems to wax. It does not melt easily. I get such product second time. I don't know why...[Read full complaint]

Selling sanchi 500ml pouch at 23 instead of 22

Anurag Saklechaa on 07 February 2016

I purchased 1 lt of milk of sanchi 500ml + 500ml on which mrp was 22. And instead of 44 he charged me 46 and said extra rs1 is cooling charges and even after that he gave me tooffee instead of cas...[Read full complaint]

Patanjali's Freezed Honey / Bad Quality

Sumit Anand on 03 February 2016

Purchased Honey of Patanjali Ayurved Ltd. over a month around one month before now its turned freezes and no use of it. Pls rectify problem or return amount. Complainant Sumit Anand H.No.511/A Nya...[Read full complaint]

Cadbury Celebrations filled with fungus.

Radhika Nagda on 30 January 2016

The glorious day of 26th January 2016 is also celebrated as my Father-In-Law’s Birthday. On the very same day I had been to Sehekari Bhandar ( at Agar Bazar,Mumbai) to purchase some products of Ca...[Read full complaint]

Against Behaviour of the hotel management

Mahadevan on 21 January 2016

I went to the restaurant with my family and ordered a starter and main cuisine and repeatedly told the bearer to bring the starter first and then the main cuisine. To my surprise he brought the ma...[Read full complaint]

Selling a Contaminated product (Strawberry Yoghurt) with a hair in it

Iqbal Arora on 15 January 2016

I ate the contaminated product in September'2015 by mistake and made a complaint against it, I am sick since then and am getting treatment of my stomach since then, the company collected the sampl...[Read full complaint]

Verka milk was charged more than MRP

Annie Bhardwaj on 14 January 2016

Hello, Verka milk cafe at Ambala punjab-Haryana border was charging more than MRP for a full cream half ltr milk (Rs 24). pls take action. I took 5 packets. MRP: 23 Product sold: 24 Thank you, Ann...[Read full complaint]

Fcm amul milk bad smelling

Nipun Sharma on 13 January 2016

respected sir/madam, i have bought 4 litres of amul milk from mayur vihar phase- 3 market.and when i opened the packets i observed bad ordour,taste and smell.i am a regular customer of amul milk.p...[Read full complaint]

Haldiram provided incomplete product

Aditya Gaur on 08 January 2016

I have purchased 3 Bhalla Papadi (Take away) against Bill no. 0881 on 8-01-2016 from Haldiram's Shop no. G 2-48 Cross river mall, New Delhi. In ...[Read full complaint]

Mother Dairy Ghee complaint

Bharti Verma on 04 January 2016

Hi I was purchased the mother dairy ghee on the date of 27/12/2015 from the local shop of our area which is stablish on rohini sector 17 when i was the box open its really unbelievable moment that...[Read full complaint]

90% of Dairymilk I buy is infected With fungus

Saumya Chaudhary on 28 December 2015

Its been happening since a year. As I am Addicted To chocolates I used To eat 4-5 dairymilks every day But one day 3 of The 6 dairymilks i bought was infected with fungus . I Thought Its Just one ...[Read full complaint]

White fungus on dairy milk

Sonal Agrawal on 26 December 2015

I bought a dairy milk of 10 rs total 3. But it is powdered and white fungus on it

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Cadbury celebration pack not good

Ganesh Supankar on 25 December 2015

Dear sir mam in Cadbury celebration pack every material is not good and product expiry date is 4april 2016 i want reply if you can't give me answer i am going in food department &compilent againes...[Read full complaint]

Found dusty chocolate powder from cadbury dairy milk chocolate

Prashant Thakkar on 22 December 2015

Well, as and when I got a small cadbury dairy milk pkt from my colleague as it is her birth day today. I opened that packet to eat but I found it in powder sense, not exactly like chocolate. So I ...[Read full complaint]

Britannia Cake Stale

Shubham Sati on 19 December 2015

I had bought three cakes from Big Bazaar Patia Bhubaneshwar.All were under best before date still they were infected by fungus.I hae clicked the photos of the three cakes!

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