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Electricity Board complaints

Poor supply of electricity

Ravi Kumar on 02 September 2016

Jul 2, 2016 poor supply of electricity and poor volteg. Sir, there is very poor supply of electricity at sainik colony, near buty more at hardag by jharkhand state electricity board ranchi . even ...[Read full complaint]

Replace the faulty electric meter

Anju Singla on 02 September 2016

Our electric meter is showing jump in reading sometimes forward or backward .we have two bedroom flat and bill was ₹58000 I spite that house remains locked most of time . We observed that electric...[Read full complaint]

Mahadiscom higher electricity bill

Nitin Garg on 01 September 2016

From last 4 months i am getting higher electricity bill without adding any new electrical equipment.i have even registered the compalint for the same but got no revert from the concerned authoriti...[Read full complaint]

Huge electricity bill

Manish Singh on 01 September 2016

the electricity bill is 5500 for this month for very very nominal use. i request you to please check and find the fault. thank you

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MSEB's without inform power cut today from 12.00pm to 04.00pm

Sonnath Digambar Gosavi on 01 September 2016

Today there should be power cut from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm without informing to the public at telcoswadi, kopar road, dombivli west

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Faulty amount of electric bill.

Jidnesh Bari on 31 August 2016

Our monthly home electric energy consumption meter reading is Averagely 0-50 Units consumed last 2-3years,no any additional load Connected in my flat.suddenly the month o...[Read full complaint]

Light ki chori

Rajkumar Singh on 30 August 2016

sir hum dhobiya tanki rewa ke dukandaar hai. aur sir hum logo ke dukaan me meter laga hai. jabki dukan no. 19 jo ki sunder sahu ki hai. uspe meter nahi lagaya gaya hai aur ye sab yaha ke line man ...[Read full complaint]

Light ki chori

Xyz on 30 August 2016

sir hum dhobiya tanki rewa ke dukandaar hai. aur sir hum logo ke dukaan me meter laga hai. jabki dukan no. 19 jo ki sunder sahu ki hai. uspe meter nahi lagaya gaya hai aur ye sab yaha ke line man ...[Read full complaint]

Brpl eelectric bill payment failed and payment deducted in my account

Laxman Aggarwal on 30 August 2016

your payment system is very poor i will never do the payment through your site plz reverse my payment

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Not taking reading properly

Sushant Bodele on 30 August 2016

R/sir, i would like 2 inform u my electricity bill for this months augest 2016 double as per regular bill Previously i use to pay max 600 Rs per month. Our electric bill never went beyond 120 to 1...[Read full complaint]

Excess electricity bill

Tribhawan Nath on 30 August 2016

Respected sir, my house number 802 prem colony yamunanagar. Our meter used to running very fast.We complaited about our meter.They checked it and agree to change it.They changed the meter 6 month ...[Read full complaint]

Huge amount of electricity bills

Atish Sharma on 30 August 2016

The electricity bill of the previous month is much higher than expected. This is not only the problem with me but every metre in our village is showing unexpected amount in bills. Most probably I ...[Read full complaint]

Meter reading not mentioned correctly in bill

Laxmi Pal on 29 August 2016

Meter reading shown in Bill no.342076304693 dated 10-08-2016 is not correct. Reading showing in the bill on 10-07-2016 was 210. Correct reading was on 10-07-2016 was [Read full complaint]

Electricity problem

Vivek Sharma on 28 August 2016

why no roster for electric in fatehpur....many prob faces us in night....all number of department were switchoff or not reachable when we calling them

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70000 ka bill nikaal diya hai

Sharda Sharma on 28 August 2016

Bijii ka galat bill 9000 ka nikaal diya hai 3 baar application de chuke hai koi sunwai nahi ho rahi hai 3 baar bijli kaat chuke hai sahab 0000 k...[Read full complaint]

Naked wire hanging near to 6 feet inside my house.

Manish Kumar on 28 August 2016

Naked wire hanging near to 6 feet inside my house premises. I have already submitted written complaint to JE to my area. It is going to be 2 months but no action has been taken to move wire. more ...[Read full complaint]

Very poor electricity supply

Manmohan Singh on 27 August 2016

Our bye pass area electricity supply is very poor. No body check the problem. Electricity supply has stoped upto 12 hours to 36 hours.

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Several time wire disconnected from meter

Anuj Chuttani on 27 August 2016

Several times wire get loose from the meter. Lineman does not resolve complaint on time and when he fixes then again problem occurs within a month. So it is clear he is not doing work properly. He...[Read full complaint]

No meter check in any month and gives very high amount of bill.

Vaibhav Raj on 27 August 2016

Dear sir,my consumer no. Is IR01540,and my add-G.T road Isri bazar,giridih.here no meter reading in any month held by the electricity board and the bill given by them is indifinite and very high a...[Read full complaint]

To replace faulty elerticity reading meter

Dinesh Bhanudasji Kakade on 27 August 2016

I,Dinesh Bhanudasji Kakade, resident ed at Pawan putra nagar,near Shree Ramchadra Mission Ashram Panchdhara Road,Pulgaon Tal.Deoli Dist. Wardha ,My consumer no.is 906. Fr...[Read full complaint]

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