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Electricity Board complaints

Mid night power cut off

Nilam Rathod on 22 September 2016

I stay at palanpor gam mathura nagari.every night like 1.00 am to 5.00 am power cut off so we have so many difficulty in mid night. Plz solve this matter as soon as possible.

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Meter not working

Gchandrasekharam on 22 September 2016

sir our metere is not working since one month, last month bill 700 he gave a random reading, kindly replace the metere immedetly thank you sekhar 21/09/2016

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Not paid my electric bill

Mahesh Choudhary on 21 September 2016

Order ID no. FCEA160826456428924 Electric bill pay. Not receive Amount electric board Transaction Date-26 Aug 2016 Rs. 4175 Only

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Electricity cut any time whiithout any reason, suffering from last 20 years

Chandan Prasad on 21 September 2016

Sir There is always a power cut in Ratsar Ballia Uttar Pradesh for 14 to 18 hours the kids, students, Senior, citizens, job seekers facing problem from last 20 years So pls resolve this issue as s...[Read full complaint]

Transformer issue

Vijay Singh on 20 September 2016

It is submitted that a Government tube well transformer 25 KVA was defected since last five days hence approx 150 families and animals of the area are suffering from water crisis and the same was ...[Read full complaint]

Low voltage and light dipping again and again

Muhammad Imran on 20 September 2016

Meri samajh ni aata u. P. Ki light spacialy in village kb jakr sahi hogi Mera gav kasampur garhi he block afzalgarh tehseel dhampur district bijnor me he Ek to yaha wese hi light low aati he upar ...[Read full complaint]

Bijli chori

Moh Aajam on 20 September 2016

Khatauli ghanatagher near dr. Lokmani k samne gali me sonu jain sachin jain sakumal jain ye teeno pata nai kab se chori kar rhe hai or in logo ki bijli conecrion me kata hua hai

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Power cut in purvi singhbhum karandih

Vikas Gaurav on 20 September 2016

Yesterday dated 19th September2016.. There has been power cut of 1phase from karandih ..Dvc which is the sub station Since last night I.e from 8.30 pm power cut is there.... It's very difficult to...[Read full complaint]

High Bill of Electricity

Julee Rita on 19 September 2016

Reliance Energy has been sending us bills of Rs.50000/- & above from last 3 months.When we went to nearest Reliance energy center the explanation given to us was that from dec-14 there was display...[Read full complaint]

No taking meter reading

Satish Kumar on 19 September 2016

After three written complaints for meter reeding but no action taken by bijli board. U did two leave from my office , so two days loss of money

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Over speed Electricity Meter

Gurpreet Kaur on 17 September 2016

Sir, I am working as Jr.Asstt.in Punjab Health department at Mohali.I belongs to SC(Majhabi Sikh) caste.I am residing at 32 Old Mata Gujari enclave Mundi Kharar 0301 Dist...[Read full complaint]

Over electric bill & not properly meter reading

Raju Shende on 17 September 2016

please be specific include dates of transaction discription of item service or product you purchased mention any other pertinent information which explains how you suffered the loss of money or pe...[Read full complaint]

बिजली तार कमजोरी

Lalit Singh Saroj on 16 September 2016

ग्राम-उबरपुर लालगंज आजमगढ़ अमानगंज से 200 मीटर आगे बिजली का तार पूरी तरह से खराब हो चूका है कभी भी टूट सकता है

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Excessive electricity billing

Dr.asadullah Khan on 15 September 2016

I have received my Electric Bill of Rs. 0.00 for Consumer No. 000550042495(Residential) . The bill appears to be inflated, as I know for certain that our consumption elec...[Read full complaint]

Bpl vidhva ko light ka adhik bill

Samnadevi on 13 September 2016

Sreeman mhody ji Me smna devi Mra k n. 3478 Me grib vidhva hu mere pas khane tak ko Paisa nhi he or mera lite bil kbhi 1100 kbhi 3500 tak aarha he to is liye Sviny nivesn...[Read full complaint]

Received Bill of 12000 rs.

Nikhil Thombare on 12 September 2016

This is regarding Light bill issue. Since last 3 months i am receiving unexpected bill for eg. in May Month i received bill of 1 unit of amount 60 rs. In next month i.e. in June Month i received b...[Read full complaint]

Power failure

Laxman More on 12 September 2016

Consumer no 2601 plz find wat is the prob becoz of electricity power failure plz do the needful priority bases

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Extreme power cut from last few days in puran vihar colony

Pallav Sinha on 11 September 2016

From last few days there was a extreme power in Puran Vihar near Argora Chowk. The power cut starts in morning and continues till late evening or sometimes till night. Is there is no such responsi...[Read full complaint]

Power theft

Hitesh Kumar on 10 September 2016

Dear sir. Subject: theft of power dhbvn n.I.T. Faridabad. This is inform to you regarding power thefting ,a large number of people in Dr R.S colony was thefting the power about 2 years and thats w...[Read full complaint]

Transformer fuse 2 fuse cut from yesterday

Surendranath Tiwary on 10 September 2016

in a weak transformer fuse cut then current not supply. this season is rain so many problem created. regulary fuse cut and wire break in jaiprakash nagar .

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