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अतिरिक्त बिल मिळाल्याबाबत

Yemuna Uttam Chavan on 28 September 2017

sir mazekade navin meter 24-08-2017 pasun laglela aahe.arrears 56/- denyat aale aahe. kami karnyat yave kiava te bhane kase aavsyk aahe te kalvave hi vinanti

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Electricity bill deposited but bill till date pending shows

Yogesh Kumar Sharma on 17 July 2017

I have deposited my bill online on 10/7/17 but till date it shows pending my k no is 7389 kindle generate my bill receipt

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No meter reading done, very high bill in regular electric cut area in Taloja

Hiraman Dhapodkar on 13 July 2017

My average bill per month is around Rs. 0/-. For Apr'17 the bill was Rs. 0/-, May'17 was 510. Jun'17 now is ALARMING <...[Read full complaint]

Light band hai 1.30.p.m. se 1.a.m

Asmat Araa on 11 July 2017

Light me.sudhar.kar.chalu.karai.balika.andhere.me.hai

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लाईट बिल खूप जास्त येण्याबद्दल

Jyoti Patil on 22 June 2017

आम्हाला दर महिन्याला जास्त लाईट बिल येते.आमचा वापर जास्त नसूनही आम्हाला जास्तीचे बिल भरावे लागत आहे. दर महिन्यात १००ते १५० युनिट्स जास्त टाकले जातात. या महिन्यात आम्हाला ६३४०रू. ईतके बिल आले आहे.ऑ...[Read full complaint]

Uusual Bill for May'2017

Ajit Prasad on 16 June 2017

Today I have received a electricity bill of Rs.27000 which total unusual. I was receiving bill of electricity Rs. 1300 every month. My Consumer No. is KB268. My residence is in Mango, Jamshedpur. ...[Read full complaint]

Non availability of electricity

Chromewellengg. Dewas on 07 June 2017

On 05/06/2017 from 5.00pm onward there is a power cut cons. no.7594020471 in our company and after that till 9.00am on 07/06/2017 we have not a received power. this affect all activity in our comp...[Read full complaint]

Low voltage problem in Barh (Chondi)

Rajnish Kumar on 29 April 2017

Dear Sir I want to inform you that we have been suffering from low voltage problem from last two month. After starting heat wave situation has become highly pathetic. There may be problem in trasf...[Read full complaint]

Paise lekar taar nahi lagaya tubewell ka

Anup on 27 April 2017

Add.. .Up.. Aligarh. .khiar. ..fitar ka naam baknir gitar imploy naam Yamin Khan n pise liya par tubal ka tar nhi lagya.. Sir jaldi Kuch kro. Hamari khati dukh rhi hai

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Additional charges in Billing since 7 years

Sunita Devi Gangwar on 24 April 2017

Respected Sir, Our power supply company that is DGVCL has been charging from us past 7 yrs an amount of fixed charge that is to be charged by the company or corporate office as a home consumption ...[Read full complaint]

Wire falling on the road

Sameer Patra on 22 April 2017

Dear This is inform you to imideate repair all the wire in our village. From yesterday night layed electric wire on the road . So people are affred to cross that.please imideate action for public ...[Read full complaint]

MSEB faulty (off) meter

Israel Yohan Wadekar on 20 April 2017

My home's electricity meter is off, from last seven months. I have already given the complaint, about this, but nobody person come, or not seen what is the problem ? Always asked for deposit the p...[Read full complaint]

High electric bill

Jasmani Devi on 18 April 2017

2011 tak mera bill paid h sir or fir uske bad koi bill nhi aaya or fir ekk ek 2017me bill aana start ho gya WO bhi 1lakh 80 thousands ka sir mai chhahta hu ki mera bill me improve kar diya jaye pl...[Read full complaint]

MSEB Bill Not received for last three month

Sohel Shaikh on 18 April 2017

I have purchased house situated at Gut no:111/B,Building Name:KMC Sapphire,Flat no 104,Patel Mohalla,Panvel. I have not received MSEB bill for last three month. Consumer no:028512619292 BU unit-03...[Read full complaint]

Daily, Sudden and long Power cut.

Mr. Tanish Dudwadkar on 17 April 2017

Dear sir, madam To whomsoever otvmay concern, I am Tanish Dudwadkar from Saidham colony, Bhopar,Dombivli east 201. My customer id - 206. This is...[Read full complaint]

Don't generate bill last 6 year

Vijay Savakare on 17 April 2017

Dear sir/Madam Here I have attachment some documents for your reference kindly request for you my this issue is very old but yet not solve ,I have follow up in your senior and Junior worker but ye...[Read full complaint]

Irreular power supply

Abhay Chaudhari on 14 April 2017

Irregulare power supply in my area varor dahanu, this problem occured whitin 1 month but no action have been taken from msab pls solve this issue as early as possible

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बिजली का खम्भा

Dheeraj Chaudhary on 14 April 2017

श्रोमन इस से पुर्व दो बार लिखित पत्र बिजलि विभाग बलिया मे जमा कर चुका हुँ | इन दोनो पत्रो का अन्तराल 6 माह था | अभी तक कोइ कार्यवायी नही हुआ है| मेरे घर से खम्भा ज्यादा दुरी लगभग 100- 150 मीटर होन...[Read full complaint]

Pspcl not issuing meter and asking for Rs 20000/-

Ashu Jain on 03 April 2017

it had been one month and 10 days there is not light at my house. i have many times visited bijli office for the same but no one is taking any action but instead asking for rs20000/- for fixing my...[Read full complaint]

Last 20 days no response, pole wire break down

Kamruddin Inamdar on 02 April 2017

i, I kamruddin inamdar. Consumers nu:- 411. Last 20 days wire is break down on light poll I have compliant in sub division as well as on call centre. Since 20 days there ...[Read full complaint]

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