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Broadband Connection complaints

Tikona No after sales and fraud

Shashank Daddha on 16 July 2016

I had recently got a new connection in th­e name of Shashank Daddha in Chennai My User ID is 1118197515­ The person with a host device for install­ation at my place and placed it on the ba

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Tikona — Not Cancelling connection and overcharging for 5ps/mb before cancalation

James Smith on 12 July 2016

Id :1114044460 Requested many time from email and mobile, to disconnect service as i am moving abroad, Bloody nonsense customer excecutive try to convince on continuation of service, No commonsens...[Read full complaint]

GTPL broadband bad customer service

Mit Bhalani on 01 July 2016

I'm using gtpl broadband internet for last 2 months. It was working good , but my net stop working at 27th june and that problem didn't solved yet, i call many time in customer care and every time...[Read full complaint]

Reliance internet not working from past 20 days

Ashish Ramani on 30 June 2016

My net working from 11 June after that I called many times to reliance customer care but nobody helped me.today it's 30 of June and my net still not working.reliance is seriously worst comapny [Read full complaint]

You broadband Fraud and harassment

Dhirendra Pratap Singh on 29 June 2016

I had filled form for subscription of you broadband service of 2 mbps unlimited plan of Rs. 2503 on 21st June 2016 in ambiience antilia bavdhan pune, but didn't get any confirmation about when the...[Read full complaint]

Spidigo broadband speed resolution

Shirish Desai on 29 June 2016

HI Plenty of reminder and complaits to SPDIGO BROADBAD office bus our internet speed issue not solve. my user id is darshan.desai. I have purhcase unlimited internet with 1 MB speed. Thanks Shiris...[Read full complaint]

You broadband is not providing consistent connection

Kedar on 26 June 2016

I am not getting consistent service from you broadband. They are providing pathetic Internet connection that is slow most times, gets disconnected often. I am really tired following up and would l...[Read full complaint]

Rcom wired broadband Connection dead

Sanjay Purohit on 25 June 2016

I have taken a connection on 11/06/16 . Your prompt installation service installed on 14/06/16 after reminding them severel times . My subscriber id is 932. Coneection wo...[Read full complaint]

Demand Notice from Tikona - not disconnecting my services

Diptajyoti Banik on 24 June 2016

Dear Administrator, I received a demand notice from Tikona asking me to pay for the month of December'15 plus equipment charges (Total INR 2740 0)). I have tried to disco...[Read full complaint]

Reliance Broadband Not Working

Gaurav Anasane on 22 June 2016

I am from Pune. My reliance broadband is not working since 11 Jun 016. I had registered complaint on same day. Customer care confirmed that issue will be resolved in 2 da...[Read full complaint]

Reliance poor services from last 2 months

Gursimran Vohra on 18 June 2016

this is the new complaint number 4628 and the list goes on. I dont need your scripted reply. Its a final warning from my side now. After that i will log a consumer court ...[Read full complaint]

Tikona not disconnection service

Rajanikant Hole on 17 June 2016

I tried to disconnect tikona service. Customer care disconnected my call for disconnection service. Please help me My account no- 4228

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Delay in shifting of wi fi broadband connection

Ajay Pandey on 16 June 2016

I have requested for shifting of my wi-fi broadband connection on 30 May 2016 and customer care assured that the same will be done within 05 days but so far they did nothing. Whenever I make call ...[Read full complaint]

BSNL landline dead

Jitendra Makrani on 16 June 2016

Every month 5 to 10 days phone line & brodband ded.

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Reliance Broadband Not working from last 10 days

Shamrao Shinde on 15 June 2016

On 05th June 016, my reliance internet connection was lost. We were not able to use it, so we lodged a complaint for the same. I wad told that the problem would be resolv...[Read full complaint]

Hathway broadband not reverting my amount

Giriprasad Sitaram Gedela on 14 June 2016

Hi, I have had a Hathway broadbrant Internet connection , I moved to another location in same city Hyderabad . But the service provider said there is no service in new location . But I already pai...[Read full complaint]

Spectranet Is Not Refunding the Advance Payment Money Even

Asish Subudhi on 13 June 2016

Ihave been having trouble with Spectranet Broadband Service since March and did not have internet for almost a month. After I wrote multiple emails and called their Customer Servie several times, ...[Read full complaint]

Tikona sending False Bills after 6 months of Disconnection

Syed Mansoor on 13 June 2016

I have raised a complaint of Tikona Disconnnection in December and after a long chain of communication Tikona people told that connection has been terminated and no more bills or anything .and I h...[Read full complaint]

Cheated by spidigo

Hitul on 11 June 2016

Namaskar, My parents who live alone in ahmedabad city. They paid 6250 rs to spidigo brodband service. They promised them to give full satisfactory service. But instead of that, they are harrasing ...[Read full complaint]

Reliance broadband not working

Mohd Iqbal Siddiqui on 11 June 2016

I have a broadband connection in reliance broadband as subscriber id 474, broadband stops very often and whenever I complain on customer care they register a complaint an...[Read full complaint]

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