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Tamanna Saroya on 04 November 2018
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Job offer fraud

The incident took place on 24th October 018. I was called from a company "career placement". They asked me if I was interested in applying for the job. They asked me to send my documents. For document verification they said me to pay 2000 which would be refunded. I paid and sent then a telephonic interview was to be conducted for which again I had to pay 6500(refundable). Then the interview was done. For medical checkup I was asked to pay nearly 000. After that I did not respond to them. I called the next day asking for refund. They did not attend the call. After 3-4 days they called and asked to pay 2000 If I wanted my refund. I paid it to them. For 2-3 days they kept saying hat the amount is being processed. After that the numbers from which they called were switched off!

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