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Pravin Sonawale on 03 November 2018
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Credit card fraudulent transaction

On 2018 my SBI credit card had been used by customer care person

of club factory { as we found this number on google search} to pay AirTel pymt bill desk amount of Rs. 0/-.

Actually some refund was expected from club factory {online merchant) as we returned some purchased items on 018. So for inquiry we tried to call customer care but number provided on mobile app was not reachable. We got some number on google search which were fake.

That person informed us exact date of return number of items mode of payment done by us hence we believed on him . He informed for refund we need to link your credit card and then only refund would be possible. He further ask us to give credit card details so that he could link card and within few second money will be credited back to our card. Hence in hurry we shared credit card detail and OTP too. For OTP he already informed us that we will receive one message of 6 digit number for linking card. Suddenly text message received that card had debited for amount of 0/-.

That fraud person name : Mr. Manish kumar { as informed on mobile)

His mobile number : 1579

I had submitted dispute form in respect of the above to the SBI card.

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