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Subuhi Husaini on 02 November 2018
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Policy Bazaar — policy bazar entered wrong information and issued wrong policy

Dear Sir

This is regarding my policy ( policy no 587) booked through policybazaar.com dated 2018 wherein the undersigned contacted your customer care executive Ms. Shruti through chat window for renewal of my car insurance.

The said customer care executive (Ms. shruti) asked only the name of the car owner type of car (diesel / petrol) and last policy number. I gave her the details and she said rest all the details is not required as she has the policy no and will get rest of the details and send me the link for payment.

I made the payment instantly as the link was provided through the chat window of the policybazaar.com website. When the policy document was sent to me on my email id (abbas4ul@gmail.com) I found that the registration number engine number and chasis number were wrong.

Within few minutes I raised the complain and provided my RC and previous year insurance policy document but i received an email dated 2018 wherein it is stated that that I need to cancel the policy as the insurer is saying the chasis no and engine no is not matching.

In view of the above the following points may be noted :

1. It is the fault of your customer care executive (Ms. shruti) who did not ask my car chasis no and engine no and said she will get all the details from the previous policy number

2. I made payment in the good faith and goodwill of poliybazaar.com

3. Even though there is no mistake of mine i am being asked to cancel the policy and as per the email dated 2018 OD premium is to be refunded by the insurance company and third party premium is to be retained and other charges also

4. I am not getting any support from poliybazaar.com and being such a big organizations i expect speedy resolution of my problem and return of my full amount

5. I am not able to take my vehicle out due to wrong details in the insurance policy renewal document and due to that I am facing financial loss for which no other than poliybazaar.com is responsible.

I have addressed my complain to policybazaar .com via email dated 2018 and I got call wherein it is acknowledged that there is a mistake from policybazaar.com end but still I am waiting for satisfactory resolution of my problem.

Please note a I am salaried class employee and chosen and preferred policybazaar.com for financial benefit over my previous insurer (Maruri insurance) and gave weightage to policybazaar.com over my previous insurer.

I know that policybazaar.com is a big company and customer satisfaction factor is one of its top priority as the real customers are its real ambassador I request you to please either refund my full money back or book a new policy of the same level with correct details.

I have booked a complain in the national consumer helpline (Complain no. 507) also and have also send a copy to IRDA. I am not here to penalize policybazaar.com rather looking for an satisfactory resolution of my problem so that I can reinforce my lost trust in policybazaar.com and continue to use your service and propagate your help to my friend and relatives.

Please look into this matter with utmost priority as I am in distress and mental tension which is affecting my physical health to a great extent.

Looking forward to a positive solution with speedy resolution.

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