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Vinit Kumar on 02 November 2018
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Amazon.in denying to resolve the issue for Honor Play phone IMEI no not matching with invoice

Sold by: Darshita Electronics Order # 3944 Order placed: 9 October 2018 Total Amount INR: .00.

I bought "Honor Play (Navy Blue 6GB + 64GB) " from Amazon.in on 9th October 2018 and the next day I received the product.

The IMEI mention in the invoice and in the actual mobile phone is not matching.

Because of the wrong invoice I can't claim warranty on this phone if something happens in the future.

"Acko General Insurance" which is with this phone updated with the wrong IMEI no. so if in future my phone screen gets damaged then I can't claim screen replacement. And the wrong IMEI no. feed by the Amazon or by the seller everywhere.

Almost 13 times I called the customer care and emailed several time. But every time they said "we lodged the complaint and it will take 5 working day to resolve the issue".

Three-time they lodged the complaint and intensely not doing anything. Basically they don't have any fear and forgetting the customer after selling the product.

I recorded the conversation which I did with Amazon.in customer care and uploaded on youtube share this issue on Facebook Amazon page twitter but no improvement on this issue.

Youtube conversation 1: https://youtu.be/ew7rfzbddrg

conversation 2: https://youtu.be/isnqluyv8v4

They openly denying to resolve the issue and refunding of my money.

Hope here I will get the resolution and Amazon will refund my money.

I have the wrapper invoice hard copy phone box phone. Almost all the email documents which will prove the fraud done by Amazon.in

Thank you...

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