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Chaital Prajapati on 08 October 2018
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Ticket not booked but amount deducted by IRCTC


Saturday evening(06.10.2018) I was booking a ticket from surat to ahmedabad via irctc.Co.In payment was made through dena bank atm cum debit card

It is a very sorry state of affairs that my dena bank account is debited with an amount of Rs.345 while making 2 attempts to book ticket from surat to ahmedabad on 06/10/18 for the journey on 17/09/18 but my ticket was not booked.

the transaction ID 9981

the transaction ID 6003

Till now my amount has not been refunded.

May expect that IRCTC will be refunding my amount.

Yet I have not received any message from irctc on my registered mobile no & email id. So I request if you kindly accept my letter and credited the amount of rs. 345 (Three hundred and forty five) in my account as early as possible then I shall be highly obliged to you.

Thanks & regards

Chaital Prajapati



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