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Arijit Sarkar on 06 October 2018
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Complaint lodged but not resolving the issue

On 18th June'18 I have purchased a Khaitan Pedistal Fan Model "TORNADO 20"P/F:/1" from their Authorised Distributor M/s P.K. Sadhukhan & Grandsons Bandel Hooghly - 2123 vide their Invoice No. PKS/755/2018-19 dtd. 18-06-2018 with a Warranty Card having one year warranty. Initially it was performed satisfactorily but some problems still exist there i.e. every time we smelt some burning smell while it was running and the motor generated extra heat from its body. So we got frightened about using the product and in this context while we got contacted the aforesaid dealer they used to say that manufacturer was only responsible and look after the issue and they had nothing to do in this matter. When we contacted their Customer Care over telephone no. 8120 they provided me a Docket no. 9878 against that booking and asked me to send their representative within 3/4 days. But they did not send anybody within this period and when I contacted again after that they told it would send within two/three days time but that time they also failed to keep their commitment. In this process I tried to contact them over telephone every now and then but they did not produce me any guarantee/assurance when they would be able to send their representative. Under such situation I decided to take up the issue with your redressal cell to take up with proper authority and have some relief upon resolving the issue as soonest possible. Regards

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