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Rajeev Pandey on 06 October 2018
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Beware of fraud Avasthi family of Kanpur they are tragetting upper middle class guys for marrying their daughters and then demand money

They found my ID through jeevansathi.com and then came to my place in Lucknow and firstly didn't got girl and also were not showing photograph then they asked for my property details and never disclosed theirs and after that e went to Kanpur to their place they have a house which is not less than a slum still we agreed and got married and later after marriage the girl started demanding for divorce from day 2 and use to say u give me monthly money and I will stay at my place in Kanpur and one day she ran away from home to her parents place and took 0000 cash from my drawer and then I still told to manage and stay with her in Kanpur by renting a house and I finalised a property and asked her to get her ID proof for rental agreement and they denied to disclose any documents of her and also after marriage I got to know she had intentions obstruction and her some part of intestine was removed by surgery and when asked my doctor he told she will have complications in life when asked to her mom she denied she told I informed all this before the girl says she is a graduate and she doesn't know how to write graduate spelling and then they have a slut in her house her sister in law one day she messages my mom all vulgur words and says u are sleeping with your son and when inquired about their legitimately in society her mom has already been called character less woman so guys please be aware of this family and make sure you are not the other victim

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