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Rahul Shaw on 06 October 2018
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Vodafone Customer care executive said betrayed me

on 24th of August 2018 a vodafone postpaid executive called me in my mobile to describe me about a postpaid plan of Rs. 399 and asked me opt for the plan but i mentioned them that i will opt only when i will get 100 sms per day as they were providing 100 sms in whole month but i siad that if you will not provide me 100 sms per day then i will not opt this plan then they siad that ok we will alter the plan and you will get 100 sms per and then i agreed and activated the plan but now they are alloting only 100 in whole month and billing for the other sms as 25 paise per sms now my bills are going above 900 if i will not pay the bill then my number will be blocked what i should do plaese Help me

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