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Prajyot Kataria on 01 October 2018
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Tata Sky fraud company. Did not showcase channels involved in basic packs

Got tata sky in Apr 18 after paying 2200 for set up box and new connection.

I have takes packs based on the channels mentioned on their website.

Suddenly they stopped viewing all the Sony Channels without informing any of the customer on 1 Oct 18.

we only watch Sony Channels. Now if we want to switch to another service provide then we ill have to go through entire installation process again.

Kindly help

TataSky CustomerCare

Hi commercial negotiations with the broadcasters broke down as what they were seeking would have forced us to hike our prices. Hence we have had to drop a few channels while keeping the popular ones on. Please bear with us for some time because we are doing this in our subscribers’ interest.

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