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Hiren Khatri on 01 October 2018
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Wrongly fined by Traffic Police

On 28 September 2018 at 7.15pm. I was passing by RTO Chowk Pune ( near Sangham bridge). I was waiting at the chowk and green signal was there so we left and the Traffic Police asked us to take vehicle aside and put a false claim of breaking the signal. We tried to explain the signal was green thats the reason we crossed. But the behavior of the Police was very arrogant and didnt hear to our plea and fined us Rs 400. We want you to check the CCTV coverage for the above. The Police do not listen to the voice of common man and think he is the final decision maker. We as a citizen has full right of speech & give clarification. But here the Police man do not hear us just claims as if he has full authority to put false complaint on us. We want to check the CCTV footage and return our fined amount back of Rs 400. ( Attaching the challan of Rs 400 paid copy)

Vehicle no. MH 12 FF 6584

Name: Hiren Khatri


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