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Anand Manikrao Toke on 30 September 2018
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Removel of 3D decal on petrol tank and lock tight remove between tank and flap

Dear Sir

good evening

Subject with reference i had purchased pulsar 150 BS4 vehicle on 25 August 2018 and running of 500 km

Follwing two type of defect on my vehicle

1.3D decal removel on petrol tank on both side

2.Lock tight remove between petrol tank and spoiler on both side

i have observed 3D decal on petrol tank removing on both side as well as ther is remving of lock tight between tank and spoiler same informed to Pagaria dealer but no one take care about issue

Please look in to serious and take firm action on the mention issue

I expect this will be resolve as early as possible without any more reminder very less time there major defect found on my vehicle

i am very happy while purchasing bike but after one month i am very unhappy due to same defect observed

Plzzz let me know the solution as i ride only 500kms

Hope problem is understand as per my above statement

Kindly call for further any more clarification


Anand Toke


Email id:anandtoke58@gmail.com


Best Regard


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