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Brij Singh on 21 July 2018
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It was not worth the price I paid.

Dear Sir

1. My daughter applied for a loan vide application no.01795935 from DHFL to purchase a house in Mehak Eco City Nr. Lal Kaun Ghaziabad as DHFL has approved this project for Financing.

After processing her application we received the offer cum acceptance letter in which it was stated that " However you may opt for any one or all insurance cover as aforesaid through the above insurers or any other insurer /

underwriters as available in the open market at your sole discretion."

On offer cum acceptance we wrote "accepted without Insurance". As a result of which DHFL Noida Branch kept the disbursement of our loan amount on hold and on contacting the Branch they informed us that we have to take the insurance otherwise our loan will not be disbursed. We kept on making repeated requests but the Branch did not agreed and did not disburse our loan.

Under the circumstances we we had no option except to forcibly take the insurance which is very costly as compared to others in the market as we had already made payment of our share to the builder.

On 7.18 DHFL Pramerica sent us only one policy of premium Rs.20 00/- against the premium of Rs.64671/- which was deducted and paid to them directly from our loan amount and that too on the address of our new flat and not on the address given by us. We are still following up for the 2nd policy. On asking the branch they replied please contact customer care which we are continuously doing.

2. We were told that the installment of the loan will be Rs.25212/- but yesterday we received a message from our Banker that a mandate of Rs.58596/- has been registered by DHFL.

On asking the Branch they said DHFL is doing like this and we need not worry as the ECS will be of Rs.25212/- only. But on going through the complaint section against DHFL we found such cases of mismatch of installment amount and ECS mandate so are worried.

Finally my request is that when in their offer cum acceptance letter they are mentioning that insurance is not mandatory then why they are forcing us to take insurance without which they are not disbursing our loan?

2. Why the ECS mandate is being sent for wrong and higher amount than the Installment amount?

Request you to kindly resolve such issues so that the general grahak who has a dream of buying a house is not harassed by running here and there through out the day and instead of wasting time in writing and bothering the authorities he can do something good constructive and developmental work.


Brij Pal Singh


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