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Kajal Kumar Barai on 21 July 2018
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Renewal of Driving license

I am Kajal Kumar Barai residing at Kalyangram Palta P.O Bengal Enalmel North 24 Parganas PIN: 3122 has applied for renewal of my driving license D.L. No.W.B. 8452 on 09.03.2017to RTO-23 Barrackpore

The said license has not yet received after renewal.

On query from the Authority I was made understood that my license has been renewed Ack No. 0817 dated 2017 but the authority is unable to print the license but the authority could no say how long it will take for printing the license.

Under this circumstances I am unable to drive my motor cycle and every after six month I have to go and ask for issuing a temporary license.

In this regard I would like to request that either I may be issued with License or any driving authority/ permission for driving my motorcycle which is permanent in nature.

An early action in is highly appreciated.

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