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Padamsingh on 20 July 2018
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My Money is Dedicted but the ticket is not booked

I booked two Railway Tickets on 7 July 2018 from Indian Railways online app IRCTC Rail Connect using my BOB ATM cum Debit Card. The first time i tried my payment the connection was disconnected from the server side while processing the payment. And a Message was displayed that your Transaction is Cancelled.

After that i rebooked the Ticket With another Payment Getway and was succesful this time.

But later i got a msg from my Bank that my Money is deducted twice

When i checked my Bank Account Balance a total sum of 1200 rupees were deducted from my Acc.

This is so Frustrating. The Error was from the IRCTC server side and the customer loses his hard earned money....!!!

Also when i later Cancelled the ticket Indian Railway deducted a total 240 cancelation charges so i only received a cashback of 360 on my 600 RS ticket with PNR number 8261 of Ajanta Express 063) with Departure Date 9 Aug 018.

I booked a complaint on the Official complain site.

Sent numerous Emails to the respective mail ids. But all in Vain

On One side Indian Railway promotes online Booking and on the Other Hand makes such mistakes with there slow booking servers.

I want my Refund of 600 which are deducted unnecessarily....

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