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Sarveshwarsingh Chouhan on 20 July 2018
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All channels not visable after three days

I have daily recharge month on month but.. I was recharge by 350 on 09 July 2018 hundred all entertainment channel not visable. I was call to customers care he said I will provide the service technician after visit the technician on 19july they have change the LNB and received the full payment for LNB 50/- and service charges 0/-. But the problem is not solved on this day... And till date I have to call in menu time they are not come and not solve the problem...

My customer id- 8216

Service tech no. 8610

After pay the full paymnet why they are not solve the problem.... And why are say the Videocon is best service..

Pls solve the problem on urgent basis.


Sarveshwar chouhan

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