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Pundalik Pai on 09 July 2018
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Adding channels without consent and charging money for same

My name is pundalik pai and i have dish tv connection.

Recently i had recharged dishtv with 1050 rupees. I wanted to downgrade my pack and i contacted dish tv customer care. They refused to do so arrogantly. And when i insisted to talk to seniors they added an addon pack as revenge. Again next day i raised complaint to correct their mistake. But they refuse to do so. They said i myself has raised the request. I have necessary proofs in my mobile of same. All things are done arrogantly.

They hang up the call again and again. I have lost patience. I will discontinue the service but see to it that no one else suffers like this. I am going legal and this time teach these fraud people a right lesson for wasting my time and money.

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