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Darshni Dubba on 09 July 2018
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Not providing the internet connection

Hi Team

I am leaving at Mukundwadi aurangabad. In my area Hathway is only one internet provider. I am requesting hatway for internet connection since 6 months .

this time they have taken payment also.

But they are not providing internet connection for below reason:

Beside my home my some relatives are living internet connection are available at their home and they have recommended that should not provide internet connection to my place or home.

This reason Hathway coordinator explain me "Your relatives are not allowing to fetch the channel from their home".

I am believing that personal issues should not come this way and also why the provider companies are involving in personal issue ???

There work is to provide the connection only how they can accept such kind of recommendation???

Hathway team are ready to return payment but i really want internet connection at my home as i am working as s/w engineer. I am using mobile data for connection but it is not sufficient for my work.

My humble request on this issue and ask hathway to provide connection.

Or take appropriate action.

Request Date:

1st request Dec 2017

2nd request Feb 2018

3rd request 2nd July 2018

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