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Bonny Antony on 06 July 2018
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Huge Labour charges for replacing Titan wrist watch battery

Dear Titan

I would like to bring this issue of imposing a heavy labour charge(triple cost of a battery) for just replacing a battery by your Titan outlets/Repair center.

Today(06/07/2018) i went to Titan G1& G2 Pioneer Towers Shanmugham Road Marine Drive Kochi-31 Kerala to replace my Titan wrist watch battery but when i received the bill it was shocked. The cost of the battery is just Rs 48 and the Labour Charge is 118(which was no mention to me before) and another 5 Rs for what nobody knows(118+5 =123). i find this so ridiculous act from Titan towards its customers for imposing such a great Labour Charges.And when i enquired a local watch repair shop nearby he used to replace watch batteries only for just Rs40 (including new battery) and Titan is just exploiting their customers which will lead to a very bad impression for Titan. Refer attached bill which i paid just for replacing a wrist watch battery.


Bonny Antony

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