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Deepak Agarwal on 18 June 2018
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Unfair deduction of cancellation charges for flight ticket refund

My refund for trip id 4730 has not been processed for last 1.5 months by Cleartrip. It was an overseas flight from Bangalore to Pittsburgh. I received mail from Cleartrip that one of the connecting flight has been cancelled by Air France and they have not provided any alternative. So I can go ahead and cancel the flight and look for other options.

Now they are claiming that they will deduct cancellation charges which can amount to anywhere from 20K to 24K because there were 3 connecting flights. First they cancel the flight and do not even bother to call to tell about the same and on top of that applying cancellation charges on a flight which has been cancelled by Airline - this is tantamount to fraud.

Please can you help me settle this issue with Cleartrip / Air France.

Deepak Agarwal

Cleartrip has still not processed the refund. They informed that they will apply cancellation charges of c. 13000 for a flight which was cancelled by Air France. And as a justification they are saying that they are not bound to give full refund for this flight as they did not promise full refund.

Can anyone suggest me how can I send legal notice to them and file a case in consumer court.

email id - deepakagarwal39@gmail.com

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