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Meet Suthar on 18 June 2018
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Worst Customer support

Last week on 14th June 2018 I put my bike Bajaj Avenger 220 for service at SHIVAM BAJAJ PATAN. When I got my bike after front suspension work it was imbalanced and ideally pushing in the left direction. So I request the service advisor to short out this issue. He replied to me that bike is in perfect condition there is no issue like that and was not ready to accept that there is any problem of imbalance. So leave that place and mailed a complaint on "customerservice@bajajauto.co.in".

Today I got a call from him saying visit service center once we will talk about it. when I reach there the services in charge Mr. Patel handover me a piece of paper to sign when I declined and said first resolve my problem only after that I will sign on it. That insolent man replied me that your bike is in worst condition you must replace half of its parts for better condition. when I argue him I was driving with bad suspensions since last one month at that time I did not have any balancing issue now as suspension are intake then the bike is having a huge issue of imbalance so don't try to fool me.

Here comes the rudest reply from him saying do whatever you want to do mail to Bajaj as many times as you want I am not gonna solve your problem. That is why I am writing this complaint so that they can learn how not to behave with the customer. I am not going to tolerate this behavior. Bajaj has appointed this service centers so that we can have good care of our valuable bikes and these people are the only car for selling new bikes and do not give a damn about after sale service. So please take some meaningfull action regarding this issue.


Meet Suthar.


Bajaj Pulsar

Hi Meet

We would like to investigate the issue. You can either call our customer care number at 1800 233 2453 or register your complaint online by clicking http://bit.ly/2bnk4z5.


Team Avenger United

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