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Saumya Garg on 06 June 2018
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Surname change not adressed by Air India

Had booked my Air India Flight AI-541 from Hyderbad to New Delhi on 16th May 2016 via Ease My Trip.Flight is schedued to depart from Hyderabad on 11th Aug'18.I requested Ease my trip as well as Air India people to change my surname which has been wrongly entered at time of booking as Saumya Upreti instead of Saumya Garg.Have even furnished all supporting documents in this regard. Even marked a mail to cmd airindia in this regard.Wish to board same flight by surname change as Saumya Garg.

I am being constantly asked to cancel and rebook the flight by ease mytrip people whereas i hv submitted all relevant documents with regard to surname change.

Its a hard earned money being wasted by this behaviour of Air India.Either you reimburse full amount on ticket cancellation and rebooking or allow me to board the flight.

Saumya Garg

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