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Surija Ramesh on 05 June 2018
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Excess bill amount due to wrong meter reading

Every month my electricity bill comes to 350 and during the last 3 months due to summer season it came around 500. I used to do online payment. This month bill came to rs.3300. When i checked my meter it was showing 512. The meter reading on the bill which was taken 15 days back showed 746. See the difference. I took photo if current meter reading and showed at upnagar nashik billing counter. They checked and gv new bill for .1/2 months totalling rs.1050/-. Here i am not at fault. The meter was not read properly. Since now my conumption unit for .1/2 month exceeded 100 they doubled the unit rate. When i questioned them the madam replied if you r not happy with our service you can get it checked from our billing office at nashik road. Is this the way to talk with a consumer..?

Pls keep proper educated persons to read meter. I hv to spend mny for to and fro going to elec office and time and energy waste comes extra..

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