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Lokesh J on 05 June 2018
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Cheating from Max Bupa

Max Bupa Health Insurance — cheating case

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General Manager on Jun 5 2018 Mark as Resolved

Max Bupa has started its health insurance policies with lots of FALSE advertising. Their claim of covering everybody whatever their existing illness And all test will be done by there expenses is false. They charged Rs. 57 07/- as premium before they could even issue policy for me my spouse and kids. My wife has delivered twin kids one month before and told Max Bupa people regarding that and they told no worries we cover all. And They said they have to do some medical tests for my wife and kids stating medical check up is free. And sent to a worst diagnostic center for test where there was no proper equipment and facilities. I complained them the same and they told dont worry about it we will take action for the same. After getting report from them they told we are sending the policy within 3 working days.For this process it was already 30 days. Suddenly one day they said your wife policy got rejected due to uterus issue. Immediately i consulted my doctor and he told for every mother who has delivered baby their uterus will be displaced for few weeks and it will come to its position after few weeks and its not a disease or major issue. But this people have rejected stating its underwriting policy without giving proper reason and they have deducted Rs.2000/- without confirmation or permission from me for medical test. I asked for the reason and they could not share the same with me and insisted that its company policy. The worst of all is that they are claiming to send online transfer of Rs. 55 000 odd rupees and the balance they are claiming to be the medical test charges. Before conducting the medical tests they have very clearly mentioned that medical tests will be conducted on the expense of Max Bupa and we did not have to pay anything.


I have mailed to an executive called Mr.Amit and sachin who is a manager who is major hand in cheating my money and keeping me in dark giving false commitments.

Below are the mails which i have sent to them which is for your reference.

Below are the mails sent to Amit and sachin till date

Dear Amit

As you confirmed that entire amount which I paid for the medical policy will be refunded. But please find the attachment which says only 55k is refunded instead of 57k. So I am registering a complaint against you Sachin and max Bupa for cheating customers in consumer court and local police station. And sending detailed information to all media and social media. So that no one should face this type of problems from cheaters like max Bupa online insurance and people who give wrong commitment to customers.

Thanks for max Bupa for cheating and without informing customer or taking permission from customer for medical check up charges and not providing the original reports of medical test . Let's world know about this and max Bupa will pay for it.

This is with reference to your health insurance application no.2616603 customer id 8179 and I have paid Rs.57 07/- to Max Bupa Health Insurance Company Limited on 018.

And today(24/5/2018) after 24 days you are sending rejection for giving a silly reason of subnormal uterus issue. I have consulted my doctor and he clearly states that for every cesarean operation uterus will be dislocated and it will go back to its position after few weeks. And which will not cause any problem or disease from this in future.

If the reason which you have given causes any further health issues or disease then please give me a clarity and evidence for the same. If not then I am going to knock the door of IRDA and consumer court for diagnosing wrongly or giving wrong information to customers related to their health.

And if you are rejecting my policy with this reason then I need my entire money back with interest for 24 days without deducting a single rupee for test done from your end. As there is no communication or approval before sending us for test that if it rejected then customer has to pay the charges of test. And I have raised a complaint to Max bupa regarding the facility and service which that diagnostics center has given to us.

If you deduct a single rupee then i am going to register a criminal case for cheating in local police station and consumer court for the damages and physical tension which Max Bupa has given to us.

If you can reconsider all this report and issue the policy as committed it will be good for both the parties or if you want me to go legal for the wrong information and report then I am happy to go for further proceedings.

Waiting for your positive reply.

Dear Amit

This is to bring to your notice that the specified problem which you have mentioned subnormal uterus issue. I have consulted my doctor and he clearly states that for every cesarean operation uterus will be dislocated and it will go back to its position after few weeks. And which will not cause any problem or disease from this in future.

But I really dont know being educated for this reason the policy has been rejected or give me clear clarity what would be the possibilities of having this problem which will effect her future health or what disease will come for which policy cant be issued. So I want you to reconsider this application and do the needful.

Dear Amit

I just want to bring to your notice that I never expected this type of worst service from Max Bupa Health Insurance linked diagnostic centre in mysore.

No one is professional from reception to doctor/Lab technician.

They talk to patients in singular and they don't have basic equipment to measure height and weight of kids.

They make mother to stand on regular weighing machine and wrote wrong measurement and made mother to carry one baby and measure the weight and reduce mothers weight and written babies weight. Where we told this readings which you have written is wrong as we have taken mother and 2 kids to pediatrician 3 days before and when they did height and weight measurement of kids and mother where mother was wrong 68kg and this people have written 72kg and for twin 2(Boy baby) it was weighing 3.2kg this people have written 2.4kg. Immediately we approached them and told reading which you have written is wrong. They told this is how we do for all and insurance purpose. If you are not ok then come tomorrow will see. For now we will do like this and that person who was doing scanning was shouting tell me fast i need to go to some function otherwise come after 2 days an in rush.We were never expected this from Max Bupa Health Insurance to send us to this type of worst diagnostic centre in mysore.

Supporting documents is attached which is the report of pediatrician.

We were supposed to come back but once again I can't travel from Bangalore to take them for test as she alone can't take 2 kids for tests as everyone in my in-laws house go for work. So with lot of difficulty waited for 5 hours with this little kids to finish this tests. We reached diagnostic centre at 9am and came back at 2.15pm.

Please look into it as very serious issue and request you to take necessary action and if it repeats no customer would like to buy insurance from Max Bupa Health Insurance. I am also thinking of cancelling the insurance because of all the bad experience and the time you are taking to issue the insurance. Once again I request you not to tell us to go for other diagnostic centre or wait for policy. If it will take time then please cancel the policy and do the refund and do the needful.

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Baby of Nandini k

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Max Bupa Health Insurance

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