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G.s. Karigirivasan on 05 June 2018
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IFB Industries — non compliance of terms of Annual Maintenance contract in respect of our microwave

Our ifb micro oven 25sc2 is covered under ifb's annual maintenance contract (From 7/9/2017 to 8/9/2018 - vide voucher no.1017/ ticket no.100403322) as it was not working i had booked a service call on 26/4/2018 vide ticket no. 7674 at bangalore.in response to my call one of the technician from their franchise 'royal services" bangalore visited our premises and tried to repair the micro oven and when the problem persisted he took our micro oven to service centre on 10/5/2018 (By issuing me a invoice no.1511 dt.10/5/2018) for its further service.

But to my surprise on 25/5/2018 the same technician brought back our micro oven without servicing and said that it could not be repaired as spare required was not available and left the unrepaired micro oven at our premises without giving any report and asked for the invoice given by him back. However after much arguments i retained the original invoice issued by him while taking micro oven for service centre and only on a xerox copy i gave acknowledgement for having received micro oven without repair. As the a. M. C issued by ifb which is still in force (I. E. Up to 8 sept2018) i am entitled for its repair as per a. M. C. By ifb irrespective of any reason such as non availability of spares etc.

Sir i am a senior citizen and from a renowned company like ifb i never anticipated such poor faulty customer service. When they are bound to get my micro oven repaired/serviced as per terms of the annual maintenance contract which is issued by ifb and valid till 018. I am disheartened with this poor customer service which has caused difficulties to me and my family. Even i have not received any acknowledgement or reply to my email dated 25 may 2018 sent to them at @ifbglobal.com in this regard.

Till Date except complaint acknowledgement mail dated 31/5/2018 and a unverified phone call wherein somebody gave a false and unreasonable suggestion of advising me to go for purchase of a new IFB Micro oven for which a paltry discount was offered in lieu of failure to fulfill AMC (call received from a phone No.919379056930 on 018) there are no tangible efforts to redress my complaint.

Being a senior citizen only with an intention to buy peace of mind and also having faith in IFB I had paid Rs. 70/- (by crossed cheque drawn in favour IFB) for purchase of the said AMC on 017. When the said cheque is encashed by IFB it is incumbent on their part to service the product (i.e Micro oven) to the satisfaction of customer till the expiry of your AMC which they have failed for their own reasons. The said deficiency in service has not only caused inconvenience to me and my family but also caused mental agony to me at my old age. To highlight IFB's poor customer service uptill now I am posting the details of the harm caused by IFB to me in various customer grievances forums and also Senior Citizen forums. If they do not take any satisfactory steps in getting repair of my Micro oven covered under your AMC I will be constrain​ed to proceed further against IFB Industries in appropriate Consumer Forum and also under senior citizen harassment angle.

I except a detailed mail from them in respect of their plan of actions in redressing my grievances and I will not consider any of their acknowledgement or proposals if received from any unverified telephones.

I hope and expect a early action from IFB in this regard

Aggrieved by ifb's clear violation of the terms of their A M. C i have submitted this complaint through you also to call upon them to arrange immediate repair/service of our micro oven and redress their deficiency in service.

Thanking you

G. S. Karigirivasan

Tel 1382

G.s. Karigirivasan

No reply from them

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