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Rajan Raykundaliya on 04 June 2018
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SBI cradit card transaction through froud call and debit from my account rs.9999


As per telephonic discussion with SBI coustomer representative I m sending dispute transaction form with application of my cradit card spent money transaction through Froud call and given my card details and rs.9999/- spend yes Bank in and I realized that is Froud so please stop and dispute my transaction and refund it please resolve and block my card.details given in attachment.

My Intraction id no. sbi but he is not giving proper solution for same

please do needfull

Interaction Id- 2985 Dispute my SBI cradit card transaction because in my card history payment amount is appearing in my history and charge to my account before 1/05 so what can i do??

Thanks regards

Rajan Raykundaliya


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