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Mahantayya Sheegihallimath on 03 June 2018
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KA23- F 953 not respecting senior citizen downloaded adhar card.

I was travelling with my mother by KA 23-F 953 bus from Dharwad to Gokak at 4.40 pm. My mother is senior citizen. She had not carried her adhar card. I had her adhar card downloaded from internet on my phone. I shown this to bus conductor. He refused to accept the adhar card from phone which had her picture and all details like original.

I requested him. My mother also looked old. I m disappointed with his behaviour. Rules are there to help senior citizens not to exploit them.

I have used the same downloaded one from phone to several places including your hubli region busses no problem. Why is this a problem with KA 23 conductor.

Please let me know your response. My contact number is 0399 and email I'd is @gmail.com

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