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Ms. Sarika Pandey on 03 June 2018
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Fraud Company

Dear All we received one call from infocom trade india date of 31 may her name was preeti shukla and suggest me that please renew your domain for 5 years with add new 5 products and dinesh tiwari also advice me and they told me that no any hidden charges only i have to pay 96/- with running website and 5 other products also but 4 days crossed but we did not get any mail from that side when i called to mr. dinesh tiwari regarding this than he told me that domain have expired and also told me madam you have to wait now i am booking same domain but you have to make website now iam waiting only and i ahve made payment 3596/-from AMEX credit card so kindly request you i refund my money this is only fraud otherwise i will have to take any action ....

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