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Rajneesh Jain on 02 June 2018
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We bought kids pant there is co. Fault in the pant and they are not ready to exchange it inspire of us having the bill

Mr pradeep store manager Andrei infinity branch

Mr Mahesh name cash head

There is two person no proper reply for replace our products and he tell me this is not company foult. But we are buying in 18/5/2018 but why there is no problem in the other product. We bought clothes in bulk and we bought three to four shorts. We didn't check this piece because we got this of the same size as other shorts we tried to explain to the cash manager but he refused to listen to us and was constantly imposing his views on us without understanding our point of view.

Pls mail me your feed back other wise we compliant in other way .

It is not the question of 300 or 500 rupees but it is the question of ethiques.

Thanks and regards

Rajneesh jain

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