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Pranav Madhav Khade on 31 May 2018
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Tikona company goons harassing my paralyzed mother and old father


I am an ex customer of Tikona services. I was promised to have installment fees removed after the first bill as our building has a tower on top of it and it is in their policy to refund me. So according to the policy of the company they owed me 1500 rupees which I asked to pay back when I decided to terminate the connection when I was going abroad for studies. Tikona didn't terminate my connection even after hundreds of calls and emails and as the result they kept charging me for the broadband which wasn't even in use untill they put me in negative balance.

For obvious reasons I explained them my side (through email) however they did not reply to any single of my email and started hiring goons to call my parents daily who are still in india. The goons verbally abused and threatened my parents who have major health issues.

I asked my friend to call tikona to sort this thing out because my parents were badly tormented and I got an apology from tikona saying it was their fault. However the goons hired by the company didn’t stop harassing and they still call my parents regularly.

I have seen other complaints of same nature against tikona before on the same website and I wish to file a harassment complaint against them and also wish to have my installment charges back.

My information:

Name: Pranav Khade

Customer ID: 2281

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