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Amit Madhogaria on 31 May 2018
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Fraud and Cheating thru Y-Axis

Y-Axis is a fraud company that makes fake eligibility reports and misguide customer who go to them for career services.

They make very positive analysis on your profile and show very rosy picture and convince you to sign up by making you believe in the possibilities and also assuring that your case is in safe hands and industry experts. In my case I was made to do an assessment for Obtaining Australia PR.

Their sales agents are expert at selling their services by making false assurances on behalf of the company(even if it really doesn’t meant anything). They will even confirm everything through email just to gain your trust.

Once you sign up they charge their full service fee in advance and make you sign agreements that are made solely to benefit themselves and not the client. When you object to any clause stated in such agreement they claim themselves to be very client centric and assure absolute safety and guidance(also confirmed through email).

Once you sign the agreement upon such positive eligibility report and upon such assurance all processes are moved to Y-Axis central processing team in Hyderabad and you loose touch with your local Y-Axis officer in your hometown.

Before making submissions to the respective authority the processing team collects all documents and verify and confirm everything is ok and prepare your application to be submitted. But before submission they also make u agree to the term that the ultimate decision lies in the hands of the authority and not themselves. Also they do not submit the application on your behalf and hand it over to submit yourself whereby you submit as an individual and not represented by them.

Now when the results obviously do not come as assessed in their Eligibility report and the fault is of the Y-Axis team in having misguided you and you demand a refund for your money they quote the agreement. Although their sales representative had before signing up confirmed through email that the company is very client centric and any such situation will be dealt with on an individual basis and not restricted as mentioned in the agreement and refunds shall be made on a case basis if the fault is of their team(confirmed thru email before signing up)

When such a situation arose In my case the situation was negatively assessed whereby I had submitted my application under the guidance/ suggestion of Y-Axis team for ANZSCO occupation code- Production Manager:Manufacturing and the said occupation code itself became the basis of my application’s negative outcome as stated in Vetasses Outcome Letter. I claimed for a refund on account of negligence and misguidance. But was instead made to challenge such rationale which again didn’t give any positive result.

So I again made request for FULL refund but am being denied the same and now am being quoted the Agreement and also Y-Axis team refrains from taking the responsibility of their mistake to avoid any such refund.

Besides they claim that they have done their process and so can refund 35% only as per the Agreement. They want about 65% of the sign up fee for doing the process which itself is based upon their own fake assessment even though the result did not turn out positive. And yes they also charged me separately for generating such fake report.

The very basis of that report when received a negative assessment from the authorities. The Y-Axis team is refraining from taking responsibility and would only want to give a meagre percentage of the signup fee for refund although they have already confirmed that it’s not my fault anywhere.

Amazing strategy to loot people of their hard earned money.

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