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Manoj Mehta on 30 May 2018
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air Bag of XUV 500

With complete disappointment I would like to bring to your notice issue related to deployment of air bags at the time of need.

I met with an accident last week while driving from Dehradun to Haridwar unfortunately the airbags did not deployed. Due to this issue myself and my brother got multiple injuries and also brings a question about Mahindra’s quality in my mind.

The service manager Mr. Sonam Khanna advice us that Air Bags only deployed on the

time of major accident or when your car will in condition of total loss.

Nobody can able to give a satisfaction answer without any survey of car they give us review.

Mahindra Auto

Hi Manoj please email us your contact and vehicle details along with your feedback to customercare@mahindra.com or call us at 18002096006.


Customer Care Team

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