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Pc Ramaiah on 29 May 2018
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Wrong Commitment - Delay in Services

I have availed Opulentus Overseas Careers services initially it was told me that I will get CANADA PR within 8-12 months but they never told the process pros and cons until I make the payment. I have initiated to make the payment believing and trusting them with an agreement that I will make 50% of the amount do initiate my process and balance will be paid during VISA process. It took almost 3 years and still it is under process . They never tell me the entire process and most of the time they are not reachable whenever we have a requirement. I lost money time and faced harassment because they tell you each and every step only when we ask no proactive actions. Suddenly they called me and asked to make payment of 10k plus taxes and I denied to make the payment since the agreement was the balance amount to be paid during visa process. If I dont make the payment they are telling my profile will be deactivated and will not provide services which is ridiculous. I am ready to make the payment as per the agreement during VISA process but they are giving wrong commitment which is not acceptable. I have all the mails and payment proofs .

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