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Amit Rakhaiya on 29 May 2018
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Vestar AC compressor replacement

Issue : No response from company for fixing issue and paying extra charges

Ticket No : AHM223051800009

Date : 22/05/2018

I have complain about the compressor issue the Vestar engineer have visited and checked that compressor is not working.

As per him compressor will be replace by 2-3 days but even after 7 days there is no response from company for the same.

First of all I need to fix this issue. Apart from that I would also like mention following thing which is seems to be wrong.

1. Taking charge of 400 Rs for checking a AC compressor which is already in warranty

2. They will charge 3500 separately for AC gas filling for replaced compressor if compressor is in warranty then its all your responsibility to do what ever in it.

Its a clear loss of 3900 500)

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