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Shankar S on 29 May 2018
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Needed car replacement

I have purchased the Kuv100 (Mini SUV) with a lot of expectations but all went in vein.

In the first month itself I was able to observe the mileage which the car is giving very less than on your paper. My expectation is 13KMPL in city and 16 KMPL in Highway. But unfortunately both are not met.

When I reached out to Sales Executive(Zulaikha Motors Chennai) and he promised me "Sir after first service mileage will improve definitely" .

And now I have done my second service at (Zulaikha Motors Chennai Ambatur).

After 0000 kms I have done my second service on April 15th 2018 with more complaints.

1) When apply brakes the entire car under-chassis is making huge noise.

2) Right Side pillar or window making huge noise like "tick tick" and that is unbearable while driving .

3) Rear seat doesn't have any grip and it automatically comes out the rear passenger are really uncomfortable.

4) Steering wheel also makes more noise.

5) Another very important thing is Fuel gauge which shows is completely wrong and crap.

These 5 complaint I have said the service advisor and SA said I will give tomorrow.The next day I went to service center and Service advisor said sir everything is fixed. I made the payment and i took the delivery while driving some 3 to 4 kms itself I could hear all the same noises.

And I have called SA(Service Advisor) and he said please bring the vehicle back on coming Saturday(21st April Saturday).

I went to service center 0.30 AM) again and waited for the whole day. At 5PM SA said today we are not able to identify the issue exactly so we need the vehicle for another day.

I said right now I have planned for out of station trip and SA said okay sir you can take the vehicle now and please bring back on some other weekday.

I was little upset and called the Mahindra toll free number(22nd april) and said about the issue and requested them for good engineers or service center who could analysis and fix the issue.

The next day I got a call from Zulaikha service manager(Srinivasan) and he said I will take the vehicle and it my responsibility to fix it.

They picked the vehicle at my door step on 25th and returned on 26th saying we have fixed the issue.

And again driving few kilometers I can hear all the same crap noises. I immediately called the Service manager and again he said the same dialogue can you please bring back the vehicle to service center.

With a lot of frustration again I have visited the service center. This time they took only 4 to 5 hours and they said vehicle is ready and you can do a test drive now. Then I took a round for some 2 kilometer and I left vechicle with noise reduction.

Service manager explained like there is some issue with door beading and we have fixed it.

Service center to my home is 18 kilometers and after driving 10 kms. Again I could hear all the same noises.

Now the worst part is all the four door are making huge noise steering wheel under chassis wrong fuel gauge and high vibration inside the car.

yesterday I could hear some different sound from the engine. Whoever travels with me in my car ask me the first question "why so much vibration".

I don't know what and all problems in the near future.

One more important thing is folks in service center " I mean everybody" are careless. Because they think kuv100 is small car and they very dealing differently with XUV500 customers.

Yes I agree now I have bought a small car and but in future I might one of your XUV500 customer. One thing is it will take little more years to go.

That's fine if you don't respect me but I'm very worried about my car and this is my first car.

Please let me know where Mahindra people sit in Chennai so that I can directly go and show the vehicle condition.

Kindly do the needful.

Vehicle Details:

TN 12 U 1479

Kuv100 K6plus




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