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Heena on 28 May 2018
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Videocon AC not working

I have purchased Videocon split AC on June 2017 and it has not working properly. There is cooling problem. I have registered the complainant 3 times against the problem.

Today's complaint ref no is 365.

My previous Complaint was logged on 29-04-2018 with ref no GUR 0335 today is the almost one months after registering the complaint but they keep on closing even after saying that the problem has not been resolved. I am facing so many problem with your fake so called service.

I am trying to speak to customer care executive they are not responding. Your service center people didn’t responded not even they enquired about the complain after registering the complain. After three days I myself made a call to service center customer care and made a reminder for my complain but they have closed it.

Really regret to go for Videocon AC

This is in warranty period so I request you to provide a service soon.

Dealer Name- Anand Electronics 14 Palika Bazar Rohtak- 001.

INVOICE NO.8879 Bill Date-30/06/2017

Please contact me at 781.

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