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Vishnu Bhutada on 28 May 2018
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Pune Railway station parking-lot contractor

Today (i.e. on 28th May 018) I had been to Pune Railway Station to drop my relative. I parked my two wheeler at parking lot which is exactly opposite to porch of Pune Station. The Moment I parked my vehicle the man standing out there wearing orange color T-Shirt (seems to be dress code) shouted in "marathi" saying we are not your bounded labour you all are mad people don't know how to park the vehicle. He was virtually screaming & behave as if he is DADA/Gunda/Goon.

There are other people also all of them faces same kind of experience. When I told him that I'm gonna file complaint for bad behavior then he just uses slang.

By this time I find that the parking-lot contractor is goon/Gunda. He is just tried to create fear among the people.

Such rude behavior is unacceptable & unpardonable when common people are looted for Rs.20/- to park vehicle with an rider that parking lot contractor is not responsible to take care of vehicle which is noting but loot of common man and that is too with after hearing a slang.

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