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Vishwanath Dalvi on 28 May 2018
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Denial for acceptance of photocopy of ID proof and charged twice

I booked two tickets online for my mother and sister travelling from Dahagaon (Village) to Borivali. My mother has shown

SMS of ticket booking and photocopy of the ID proof(Aadhaar Card) . Bus conductor denied to take photocopy and asked for original photo Id proof.

Now a das we are doing lot many things online to ensure convinience to the customer. If it is an issue of identifying a correct passenger then basis of Aadhhar card number anyone can easily identify genuine passenger for whom ticke is booked.

But MSRTC wants to stick to the rigid terms and condition given that original proof is required.

Looking at the competition in the market it seems MSRTC do not bother loosing a customer. Behaviour of the staff is very pathetic.

Conductor forced to take ticket again for the same sit to travel. I think this is the way MSRTC is ensuring salary to their staff.

There is no use of calling customer care of MSRTC as they are also sailing into the same boat. Least bothered about customer.

I lost money booking ticket online of MSRTC as needed to pay again in bus.

I don't want this to happen with anybody for which will definitely ensure that this experience of mine will be shared with maximum passenger.

Details of ticket booked.

Date : 28 May 2018

Route : Dapoli to Borivali Nancy Colony

Ticket No : 0907

Departure Time : 09:00


Vishwanath Dalvi

Mob : 0156

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