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Pavan Kumar Hj on 10 May 2018
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Mobile Network Issue

This is Pavan from Bangalore

My Vodafone Number is 7888

This mail is regarding network issue.

From March 6th or 7th 2018 I am not getting the Network Properly and it is not in any specific location.

On March 13th first I had complained about this to your Vodafone Customer care team.

Issue : I am facing network issue in almost all the locations. Whenever I open any application it will take minimum 3 to 4 minutes to work even though my network strength shows full and also H+ for Internet conncetion.

Based on this issue I have raised complaints many times to your customer care and also I had told them clearly that I will not pay the bills untill my network issue is resolved. But everytime I call them they tell me that we will visit to my billing address network and work on it (Even after telling them many times that it is not in specific location) they tell me that our network team will contact me during the visit to reconfirm the network but till date I have not received even a single call from them and when I ask customer care about this they tell me that my phone was not reachable and this is commom answer everytime I get from your customer care team.

alomost from last 2 months I am facing this issue and very recently i.e last week on Wednesday (25th) & saturday (28th) they told me to change some settings and after that network is somewhat OK.

But inbetween this issue I told them that I will not pay my bills for last two months or to provide me the discount for that because I am facing this network issue but they are continiously barring my outgoing calls from last week.

I am using this number from 2005 and from 2012 I am using the Vodafone Post Paid connection from then I am paying my bills on time everymonth (One or two days it may be delayed).

But all of a sudden even though you are having network issue and telling me to pay the bills is not correct (Compared to prepaid connection my plan is almost double but still I am using this plan).

And I have recoreded all the calls which I have made to your customer care and also I have some screen shots of showing that I am not able to download even though network is showing full.

It works worst than 2G speed some times.

Hence herwith I am requesting your support in resolving the Network Issue and also to provide the discount on my previos two bills.

And also request you to resume the connection of my number ASAP for making the Calls (I am not even able to call to your customer care when they bar the Outgoing calls) I am facing lot of loss because of this call bar.

If the above mentioned issues is not resolved I will produce the same documents to court and will take legal action.

I hope the issue will be resolved ASAP.

Note : This is not issue which only I am facing this is the issue most of the vodafone customers are facing from March 018.

The above mail shows what was the issue and also this was the mail I had sent to Vodafone corporate team.

And even after continious follow ups from the day I have sent this mail they are not resolving the issue.

I have shared them the network issue related videos also but inspite of all these they are not ready to remove the pending amount which is on my number (This pending amount is the monthly bill payment which is my number and I have not paid this because of Network Issue) and Provide me the SIM services.

Thanks & Regards

Pavn Kumar HJ

Ph : 7888

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