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Ramana Reddy K on 05 May 2018
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Change of booster pump and suitable FRT for my Kent Road filter

I have a Kent grand plus RO water purifier which I purchased on Jan 26 2017 and got it installed on Feb 1st 017. After one year two months filter raised alarm for change of filters on 12 April 2018 so I raised complaint in Kent app. On 14th April 2018 Kent technician visited and changed filters( RO SEDIMENT CARBON FRT) which they charged ₹4600. The very next day booster pump started leaking so I raised a complaint again on leakage on 17 April 018. Again technician attended on 19th April and asked us to change the pump which costs ₹2500. As pump started leaking only after service by technician I opposed to pay for pump and technician left without changing pump. After 9 days i.e on 28th April 2018 pump started leaking heavily and also excess reject water flowing from filter even when filter is Off and I raised a complaint again on Kent app. This time technician came on 30 April 2018 and said the same that we have to change pump which costs me ₹2500 also for excess water rejection problem I have to change FV which costs ₹300. When i saw filters while disassemble I came to know that while filters are changed technician installed wrong FRT( FRT 300 instead of FRT 550) which did not suit my RO and this started whole problem. Which increased pressure in my filter that resulted in leakage of pump and pump got damaged. When I raised complaint with Kent while technician is with me they transferred my call to higher officials. They said it's fault of their technician but they can't change pump for free and asked me to pay with 10-15% discount. Which I denied because problem araised due to their fault. On same day they said they will send SO(some person) to enquire about the real problem and if it's their fault they will replace pump for free. But till today no person visited to check and this left me with unused filter and I have to buy water outside for these many days.

When I enquired about FRT I came to know that wrong FRT can damage even newly installed RO membrane. This caused me mental agony and lost peace of mind.

I demand Kent to change booster pump and install suitable FRT 550) for my Kent grand plus filter without charging me as problem araised due to their technician fault.

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