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Komal Soneji on 04 May 2018
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Very Poor After Sales Services

We bought Videocon (MODEL NO VKG50FH-FDA) from Vijay Sales Borivli West on 2015 under warranty (3 years) for Rs. 5990 (aprrox. 000) Requested for repair : mid of February 2018 Since the part of the TV was not available they offered replacement with a new Videocon TV of 50”. We surrendered the TV by visiting the factory of Videocon on 018. We were then promised that Videocon TV( Model no. VNV50Q549SAMP) will be given. But later on we were asked to pay extra Rs.5000/= Cost of new LED Rs.43000 (currently in Vijay Sales). There are only two models of Videocon that are available with their valuations currently in Vijay Sales. 1. Model no. VNV50Q549SAMP 2. Model no. VNV55Q549SAMP We had asked for the 55 inches TV COST equivalent to our previous LED. They had given us options : 1) We will get old model's new TV as replacement. 2) We can pay 5 000₹ For LED of 50” (43 000₹ VIJAYSALE PRICE). 3) We can pay 17 000₹ FOR new LED of 55”. (Valuation 54 000₹ VIJAY SALES) We asked for opting the option 1...to which we were told that the TV is not available. WE DONOT WANT TO PAY SINCE LED WAS UNDER WARRANTY. It is already more than 45 days....No solution over telephone / email sent/ personal meeting with customer care vijay sales borivli west.

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